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Awesome eye for color here.Every color in the pics are very accentuated.personally not my taste but definitely appreciated.

Kelly's \"Deep Teal with a Funky Vintage Vibe\" Room Room for Color Contest
9/5/13 09:14 AM

This is a color that makes me happy and a feeling of richness

Naomi's \"Sunny Day\" Room Room for Color Contest
9/5/13 09:09 AM

gorgeous with colors that blend with the woods-you have my vote:)

Kim's \"Morocco Memories\" Room Room for color contest
9/5/13 09:08 AM

i like the bones of your room here and I think the dark flooring and the sleekness of the mantle has pushed you with the modern touch...However as someone mentioned here earlier the room is very chopped up like an afterthought of sorts...
TV does not have to be in the living room and actually hate the idea that homeowners make this the focal point rather than the room...use wall paper(though i am not a fan), love the grasscloth idea someone mentioned here, blue-gray paints also work well...extend the curtains, if you have a window that does not balance the room extend it abit(also get rid of the cheap blinds)...the flokati rug also seems wrong, do you have anything bigger...why not use silver and glass shelving pieces/furniture if you want to fill the room or even artwork on the walls with bits of rich red and blue in it...seating spread it out using the dimensions of the room, again i thought the ottoman in red was a bit big for the room considering how sleek the other pieces were but then def. your choice for extra seating or to throw your feet on as well as splash of color...
the best piece of advice i can give you is to take your time to fill up a room as this is def. a room you want to also enjoy everyday after work...

Good Question Revisited: A Before & After (Plus One More Question)
8/29/13 11:40 AM