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where did you buy your rug? i love the colors...

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4/8/09 02:40 PM

Last summer I decided to have a barbecue on my roofdeck but was a bit last minute on buying a grill. On the day of the barbecue, I was first one into Home Depot, picked up a moderate sized gas grill, lugged the somewhat awkward box out to my car and up four flights of stairs (all in already 80 degree heat), got up into my thankfully a/ced aptmt, put the grill together (in about an hour), lugged it up to my roof deck, all by noon when my friend and I hit the grocery store and started to cook... You can bet I was tired and sore when guests started arriving late afternoon but it was worth it and bbq was great...who needs a "hulking boyfriend"?

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3/24/09 09:20 AM