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@MelissaDC - it depends what you mean by affordable :) Brand new, Pro-Ject are very well regarded - see eg the Debut III You would need an amp and speakers too, of course, but that's true of any decent turntable really.
Or, you could pick up an ex-DJs Technics 1200 for about the same money.

Suitcase Turntable: An Adorable Solution for the Audiophobe
2/1/11 02:26 PM

Name: The Steampunk Home

The Homies: Best Home Design Blog of 2011?
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1/22/11 12:55 PM

Would anyone know of an equivalent resource in the UK? Not just due to postage considerations, but also for spelling...

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Dressed Up Reference Books
9/4/09 09:42 AM


I love AT, but it breaks my heart to see all those lovely things we can never get. That said, I live in Ireland now so I can rarely get nice stuff even if it's available in Britain, as they won't ship :(

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Good Questions: UK Version of Apartment Therapy?
12/18/08 02:57 PM

Bought one in Ireland about a year ago for €50. Works a treat :) Actually pretty study.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Ironing Ladder from Tiny Living
8/22/08 12:08 PM

Robert, whereabouts near Dublin exactly? I remember the old one in the Airside park at Swords but at that stage I had no money and no apartment :)

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Coming Soon to Chicago: BoConcept
6/10/08 05:38 AM

If anyone else is in Dublin, I can really recommend the window boxes from here for their own apartment:

Got six, three for over the railing and three for shrubs on the floor. Look fantastic and self-watering.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Round Up: Window Boxes
6/5/08 06:45 AM

Re: remotes - this is what you mean:,CRID=2084,CONTENTID=10930

Yup, has RF capabilities and can control Z-wave devices:

OR... I got a load of dimmer switches which you train to recognise an unused button on a remote you already own. Cost about £14 each so $28... they look fantastic and work great. I'm sure a US equivalent must exist.

Here is a US z-wave switch:


Open Thread 13
7/20/07 03:01 AM

Bought my Harmony 1000 from Amazon two weeks ago - $326 incl. US shipping. I live in Ireland and a friend is bringing it over - the retail in shops here is €400 ie 550 dollars!!!

Scavenger: eBay Universal Remotes
7/19/07 03:56 AM

Heh, bring plenty of umbrellas, it's been *torrential* rain here in Dublin for days. It's like a monsoon!

Happy Independence Day!
7/5/07 05:32 AM

For you Yanks - same price in dollars as it is in sterling

Gear Clock
6/1/07 03:41 AM

Here in Ireland plastic bags are taxed at 15c (euro) a bag, so you get very creative about always carrying a bag of some sort on you.

One of the best uses for plastic bags is if you are redecorating. Put the roller tray in a bag, pour on the paint, and when finished bin the bag. One less thing to scrub paint off!

Top 10: Ways To Reuse Plastic Bags
5/28/07 06:38 AM