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@barrypilling: that was hilarious! MUCH better than the original.

IKEA: Herding Cats, The Experiment
9/13/10 03:14 PM

I love the people complaining about cat dander. IT'S BEHIND A COMPUTER SCREEN, PEOPLE. The dander can't get you from there. If you can't enjoy these cats, who you are well protected from, then you just don't like cats. Keep your cat hate away from our cat love fest.

IKEA: Herding Cats, The Experiment
9/13/10 02:54 PM

A man, a plan, a dead pixel: Exipdaed anal panama!

Apartment Therapy Unplugged | Best Prank Ever? Real-Life Dead Pixel in Google Earth
9/15/09 02:06 PM

I got this crazy german enamel wok at tj maxx for like $8. it is so awesome for cooking and so easy to clean. i also love cast iron--very easy to clean them...i just wipe them thoroughly with a paper towel and maybe a little extra oil if they need it.

Apartment Therapy Re-Nest | Worth It or Not? Green Non-Stick SkilletsCooks Illustrated
8/25/09 07:52 PM

use of 'we' at top=annoying

people complaining about use of 'we' at top=much more annoying

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | What Guests Can Teach You About Your Home
4/21/09 07:18 PM

this is a serious post...
the enzymes in saliva work really well on lots of things that lots of basic household cleaners can't break down--basically anything food-based. when i'm cleaning the kitchen, especially the stove, i mostly use water and a rag, then a drop or two of spit to get rid of anything stubborn (which is usually the remnants of a recent meal). completely eco and free. probably not a good idea for germophobes. (i wouldn't do it when i'm sick...then again i don't usually clean when i'm sick anyway.)

Apartment Therapy Chicago | 9 Nontoxic Cleaners in Your Pantry
3/23/09 07:16 PM