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I've been lurking at AT for a few weeks now, obsessively, and just couldn't resist commenting on this wonderful post - made me so nostalgic for the single days of accidentally almost killing myself with furniture on regular basis.

When I first moved to Montreal for school at the age of 18, and they delivered all Ikea furniture two weeks later (Billy bookcase, Beddinge sofa bed, and a wooden kitchen table - to be used as a desk - ) I was resolved on assembling it all with just a Swiss knife and some kitchen tools. It worked, except the Beddinge was assembled backwards. The studio space was minuscule, so there was no way I could turn it around without taking it all apart and assembling the thing all over again on the opposite side. And the Billy was just silly - I'm 5'4" and really tiny - so moving it around a non-slippery carpet would've made a youtube hit, if youtube existed then. The esteem boost of getting it all done though, on my own, with a swiss army knife - probably one of the highest points of the undergrad experience.

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3/23/09 03:53 PM