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Due to the small size of my condo, my den does double duty as work area and eating area. I usually never use the table unless I'm having guests. A small gate-leg table does wonders for keeping the space open when not in use (which is nearly all of the time).

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3/15/10 10:44 PM

Lovely! Anyone know what those chairs are? Wonderful shape and fabric.

Small Space Solutions from Hotel Skeppsholmen | Apartment Therapy Chicago
12/1/09 10:11 PM

Love it! Reminds me of my mom's old Better Homes & Gardens Decorating Book from the 70s.

Apartment Therapy Boston | Retro Color: 10 Red and Pink Rooms from the 1960s
10/2/09 12:06 PM

Thanks for the kitchen inspiration - I'm moving into a new condo with a horrible 80s galley kitchen, and I am looking at incorporating some of your ideas.

Apartment Therapy New York | House Call: Demian's Chelsea Renovation New York
4/20/09 06:09 PM