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OK, so I live in the neighborhood of this house, and I have been inside for the open house. And I completely love it. The master suite is gorgeous and each level is pretty and freshly thought out. And I really like the patio and backyard, which would be great for a number or social events.
Also, for those who say that this neighborhood doesn't look lke much, except for a parking lot and such, you're wrong. across the street from this house are rows and rows of pretty single-family houses, ranging from bungalows to larger scaled houses, which make up a surburban feel.
The 'Skinny House', which is has a very modern feel, sticks out, but I don't know if it sticks out in a bad way. It brings some diversity to the neighborhood (house style-wise). Also I don't think the message isn't all that bad or wrong. And although I wouldn't havenecessarily painted it that color, I really do like and welcome this addition to the neighborhood.

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3/22/09 05:58 PM