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Amazing work, guys! I am way behind and will continue working on my list but you've all inspired me to keep going. :)

The Cure Email Inbox: Reader Before & After Projects from the January Cure
1/29/14 12:10 PM

So glad that there's no scrubbing today! Had guests over on Saturday night so it forced me to scrub the floors. I'm in a condo so I ended up dumping a lot of stuff in the bedroom "to hide". The bedroom looks scary but that did give me an insight into the kind of stuff that makes the rest of my living space look cluttered.

Have to clean the bedroom floors but assignment 2 was well timed! And I love the flowers! Still enjoying it today. Found a good source for cheap flowers in the process! Found that my local grocery (Superstore in Toronto) marks down flowers when they're not so fresh. Making it a goal to find out when they do this because the flowers I scooped up were still quite beautiful. I'll be monitoring how long they last to see if it's worth it as well. Basically spent $6.00 on 2 bunches of flowers: white mums tinged with green, and some Astamaris in the same colour family. Made me happy!

10 Mindful Minutes: Get a Fresh Perspective January Cure: Assignment #3
1/6/14 02:30 PM

Fantastic post! As a mom, it's so easy to put the kid or hubby first that I forget how effective I actually am when I've done stuff for myself. More effective and my heart's more it in too! Thank you!

Design Tweaks for Better Living, or Putting On Your Oxygen Mask First...
11/18/13 02:19 PM