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We did a treasure hunt with the kids last year and they loved it! We hid clues all around the house in those tiny little plastic cauldren's that eventually led to treat bags for them. The older kids enjoyed reading the clues and helping the little ones.

Easy Ideas for a Neighborhood Halloween Party
Good Questions

10/26/11 06:19 PM

I disagree I love my monkey peeler profoundly.

Kitchen Tool or Kitchen Toy?

10/11/11 11:29 PM

Whatever you do find a way to live with it if you think you may end up married to the guy. I pressured my husband to give up his talking Darth Maul bank when we first moved in and I'm still hearing about it 12 years later!

Integrate Hulk Hogan into Shared Apartment Decor?
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10/6/11 07:03 PM

Yes please on the photos and diagram!

Kathleen's Super-Bright, Super-Happy Kitchen
7/26/11 03:09 PM

Ooh must make hubby make me some!

Kathleen's Super-Bright, Super-Happy Kitchen
7/26/11 03:03 PM

How did you create the archways?

Kathleen's Super-Bright, Super-Happy Kitchen
7/25/11 01:16 PM

I use cloth shower curtains on our pergola. They are the perfect size and water resistant!

A Collection of Outdoor Curtains
6/27/11 10:51 AM

Or the IT girl. Sorry for being sexist.

Iconic, Graphic, Classic: Arne Jacobsen Side Chairs
6/10/11 09:35 PM

What's with all the spam comments on AT lately? Someone wake up the IT guy!

Iconic, Graphic, Classic: Arne Jacobsen Side Chairs
6/10/11 09:34 PM

I use spray adhesive to put business cards and contact information for pizza delivery, doctors, ect.

Apartment Therapy Re-Nest | Good Question: What To Do With Extra Magnets?
3/22/09 11:14 AM