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Just a bit of homespun theory here:
I think it may come down to the sense of entitlement and exclusivity "I've got something that only 1 in a 10,000 people can afford".

If it's not illegal what's the problem?

Note: Statistic is a guestimate, may not be 100% accurate.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | The Real Deal v The Steal: Can A Knock-Off Ever Be Okay?
8/20/09 12:19 AM

Well firstly, I'd think that unless the party games are going to turn into a riot - that the police would have more important "crimes" to investigate. Only time I've called the police on the neighbours was when there was a domestic happening.

Secondly, living in Australia this scenario may differ from that in the US - I'd contact the strata / building management, they in turn would send formal letter to tenant advising breach of strata by-laws. If no resolution, letter is sent to the landlord advising them that their tenant is in breach and if not resolved by landlord then action can be taken against the landlord.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Would You Call The Police on a Noisy Neighbor?Good Questions
8/19/09 11:41 PM

This garage is the "sprinkle star dust... click your heels three times... and open your eyes" girly version of my brother-in-laws garage - his beloved Holden, wall of tools, old sofa (that the dog has chewed to pieces), stereo, mini-tv and finally the bar fridge. Ahhh smell the testosterone.

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8/13/09 04:47 AM

I've been lucky with my neighbours, even the noisey ones.

In my current apartment building sound proofing is quite good and most people quiet down after 11.00pm anyway.

But in my very first apartment the young couple next door were a regular soap opera -"...I swear she didn't mean anything..." "... you don't love me anymore, you never even hold my hand when we go out..." etc. This usually happend late at night after they'd returned from a night out. It got to the stage where I'd be lying in bed waiting for the next installment of the "Young and Not So In Love" .

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Loud Sex Noises And Other Joys Of Apartment Living
8/11/09 11:31 PM


Oh yeah, that cleared it up.

Yours sincerely

Apartment Therapy Chicago | 10 Design Ideas to Steal from the New IKEA Catalog
7/29/09 11:01 PM



Apartment Therapy Chicago | 10 Design Ideas to Steal from the New IKEA Catalog
7/29/09 07:39 AM

Ok, so apparantly buying ikea is terrible, those of us who do are going to destroy the earth and instead we should all buy secondhand.

1. What if you buy ikea secondhand, are you still responsible for destroying mankind?

2. How do you buy secondhand goods if nobody buys them it in the first place?

It's the chicken & the egg argument all over again.

Apartment Therapy New York | The New IKEA 2010 Catalog!
7/28/09 04:08 AM

Wow, bitterness much!

Granted I didn't like all the designs, however I did see some great ideas which I liked and am thinking of using in my home.

Also I'd like to know which K-mart because I'll shop there for sure. And I thought all the kitchens and bathrooms were professionally installed by specialist companies?

I also thinks it bit harsh to say all the designers were chosen because they were "young and hot, not because they were exciting or innovative" - if that was the case, then explain Annie (neither young nor hot - sorry Annie).

Took a while for me to warm to the show & format but I'd watch another series.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Inspiration: Homemade TV Renovations Sydney
6/26/09 03:58 AM

I'm not a fan of the this particular design but I do subscribe to the philosphy of contemporary builds for contemporary times.

For example original Georgian or Victorian houses when they were built were contemporary designs - yes they may have given a nod to past styles but they in essence where designed for their 'modern' society.

If your going to build a house or extention, design it as a statement of your time and not some fake tudor, georgian, victorian, federation (or whatever) building because folks you're not fooling anyone - it's still a fake build.

In Australia, there are heritage houses that have been loving restored to their original state, however, the extention is very distinctly contemporary. It's a very clear statement that the original house was design for a family in 19th Century and now a 21st century family live here. I really like that juxtapose.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Contemporary Renovation of an Historic Home
5/18/09 11:31 PM

I think a 'charcoal/dark grey' for the main colour, dulux has some beautiful greys, and white for the trims and details (like above the porch). A stained deck along with the colours of the plants will standout beautifully and look really vibrant.

I'd also go traditional picket with the fence. Since you're in Australia you'll know about the Better Homes and Garden tv show and a couple of weeks ago they had a great story on 'no nail' picket fences you can pick up from Bunnings, it should be in current issue of the magazine as well.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Good Questions: Exterior Color Schemes For This House? Melbourne
4/27/09 10:38 PM

Your home is your personal space and (should be) a reflection of who you are. You fill it with furniture, paintings and object d'art etc that speaks to you.

Regardless of its of origin (I do think it should be fair trade) or where you purchased it from (travels or shops), you have it in your home because it's a piece that you enjoy, so there is always a story as to why you have it.

I have some really lovely carved wood trays which I purchased in the Philippines and then I also have a beautiful embroidered cushion cover I purchased from Oxfam here in Perth but was made by former homeless women being taught skills by Nuns in Calcutta, India.

Your space, your home, your choice.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Survey: Global Decor Without the Travel, is it Cheating? Austin
4/22/09 10:49 PM

Good grief, how many taxes do you guys have to pay? I file one tax form electronically and 2 days later receive my tax return/refund is in my account. No separate federal, state, local whatever. FYI from Australia.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Do You File Your Taxes Electronically?
4/16/09 12:53 AM

Firstly, great space.

You haven't said if you're happy with your furniture, so my opinion is based on the premise that you are. Apologies for the length of my answer.

1. The room seems large enough that you could bring the sofas in away from the wall. The view from the windows looks wonderful and being able to circle the room (actually walk upto the windows) would be a nice feature.

2. Move both sofas on a 90 degree angle to the right. Still keeping the right angle of the arrangement but now the black/brown one is in front of the windows (at least 60 cm in from the window so you comfortably walk behind it) and the white/cream sofa is facing the current mirror wall (again move it in away from the back wall with enough room for a sofa table and walk way comfortably behind it). The black/brown sofa looks shorter than the white/cream one and so you might be able to bring it in this way.

3. As said above a shallow sofa table for behind the white/cream sofa. But up against the sofa not the wall.

4. Lamp table to the side of / between the black & white sofas.

5. Because the sofas are such large pieces you need a more subtle coffee table I would suggest something with a glass top and wood base, smaller than the ottoman and round or oblong but not right angled.

6. The mirror emphasises the lack of ceiling height. Also, I think with the huge expanse of views it's not necessary. I'd move it to another part of the home and use in a vertical position.

7. I'd now move the tv and cabinet against the 'old' mirror wall.

8. I'd move the large street name art work to the wall behind the newly positioned white/cream sofa to off-set the newly positioned tv on the opposite wall. And move the glass gold frame artwork to another room.

My philosphy is each seat should have access to a light source (except of course the middle of the sofa).

1. I think because of the low ceiling height, a non-intrusive light fixture should be used here. So something similar to what you have but flatter or more shallow.

2. A dominant 'statement' lamp on the lamp table between the sofas. I'd go with your 'pop' colour of orange in either the base or shade (not both). This would stand out nicely against both the black/brown & white/cream sofas.

3. The floor lamp can stay where it is but change the shade to maybe a patterned white/orange one (great fabrics to recover current shade).

4. Then I'd get perhaps 1 or 2 more lamps for the sofa table, but subtle ones, thin stemmed, perhaps like a desk lamp in chrome.

1. I'd actually paint the whole area in the colour of your current rug or perhaps a shade lighter (it looks like a grey/brown, nice). The colour works well with all your furniture.

1. Rug - Change to an orange/white graphic one.

2. Curtains - assuming privacy is not an issue, I'd stick with sheers as a decorative frame for each one.

3. Cushions - I'd go with a mixture of plain & graphic in the orange, grey/brown, black, white maybe even a pale blue.

I think that's it. Again apologies for the length of answer.

Apartment Therapy New York | Good Questions: Suggestions for this Living Room?
4/11/09 02:37 AM

In Australia most suburbs are divided into Councils or Shires and if you're looking at a particular suburb you can usually go to the council and ask to see any planned building, roadworks or submissions for that area/street etc. They will also provide you with planning permissions required and also advise if your block can be subdivided or not.

I also agree with previous comments, if you're looking to purcase a property for renovations, do a feasibility study first.

Personnally, I purchased my little apartment because I fell in love with it. The suburb is beautiful, the apartment building is 70% owner occupier and the buildng residents are a nice mix of young and old and nationalities (I discovered this by knocking on doors and talking to residents when I first viewed the property). I did however make sure I had a copy of the strata by-laws, minutes from previous meetings, annual reports and budgets for planned building works before I finalised the purchase. Hidden costs, particularly for apartments can cause serious financial hardship.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Hindsight: Before You Bought Your Home
3/24/09 01:16 AM

Hi, long time reader, first time commentator.

Wow, I’m so excited about this year’s contest. I started reading AT just after the competition started last year and found the entrants homes to be inspiring and full of creative ideas.

Also, I find that even if a home is not to my personal taste, it’s still interesting to see how people live their lives. Their homes tell the story of who they are, whether they have kids, play sports, work from home, have creative hobbies and more often than not, I discover there is at least one idea I can take away and interpret in my own home.

I don’t really have an issue with the size limit, although I do like the idea of size categories (easier to compare people’s thoughtful use of space when a similar size).

Looking forward to more inspiring homes.

Apartment Therapy New York | Coming Next Week ... Small Cool 2009
3/23/09 05:45 AM