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Ooo! How about the desk lamp in the first picture? I love it...

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6/6/10 01:10 PM

Vinegar, coarse salt, baking soda, lemons. For laundry, I use Ecover laundry soap.

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3/3/10 11:24 AM

Goo Gone?

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8/2/09 06:27 PM

I'm not either. Bert would have a large collection of bottlecaps and pigeon-related items.

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3/29/09 11:31 AM

I had 14 bikes all on my own once. I basically wallpapered my place with bikes. I put up rubber-coated hooks or used those stands that lean against the wall and require no mounting hardware. It looked pretty amazing. But different frame sizes and shapes require hooks in different places on the wall (as I'm sure you know), so you need to really plan ahead when you go to hang them up. Bikes on walls also make excellent places to dry your clothes, but never admit to any of your cyclist friends that you do this (and don't tell mine!).

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3/20/09 09:34 PM