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This is a great idea - I love it!

How To Make a Homespun Holiday Tree
12/14/10 05:37 PM

sounds like my place. nothing says home like a Chicago bungalow, perfect for all of Chicago's seasons.

Warmth & Light in a Wintry Home
10/8/10 02:01 PM


Before & After: Painted Dining Chairs

10/8/10 01:54 PM

This chairs "had" a lovely wood grain pattern. Old varnish can be removed with the a miture of hot water and ammonia. Toxic chemicals have to be used to remove what is on those chairs now - paint.

Before & After: Painted Dining Chairs

10/8/10 01:54 PM

Wow - I guessed the Good Will store that I go to.

Can You Guess the Company Behind this Ad Campaign? | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
5/19/10 06:25 PM

I think the little girl in the last photo is getting a "pixie"
I got one in 1962, it was the latest style for young girls!

Photographs by Norman Rockwell | Apartment Therapy New York#comments#comments#comments
12/9/09 08:32 PM

What lovely dreams await the winner of this!

Win this Inhabit Organic Bamboo Duvet Set from Design Public! Holiday Giveaway 2009 | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
12/7/09 09:32 PM

20 years ago I had the last real tree freshly cut from the farm. It was baby's first Xmas. The tree was infested with deer ticks. After a week of the tree being inside and decorated the ticks were everywhere. I did a bug bomb when we all left for the day and that night every needle fell off and made a two foot deep pile around the tree. The next morning I woke up to a naked tree with all the lights and ornaments still on it. I should have taken a picture of it but I was too distraught at the time. The ticks were dead and so was the tree. The week before Xmas a fake tree was purchased and I've had one every since.

Do You Fake It? | Apartment Therapy San Francisco#comments
12/4/09 11:47 PM

"wrapper" = bathrobe

"To Avoid a Sense of Confusion" Etiquette Tips from 1906 Retrospect | Apartment Therapy New York
11/12/09 06:43 PM

inti - your tiki pumpkin is very cute! My daughter is in NZ for a year and is very sad that there are no pumpkins to carve - but she LOVES NZ.

Apartment Therapy New York | Pumpkin Carving Inspiration from Martha (Plus the Death Star!)
10/28/09 07:58 PM

location, location, location!

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | What's More Important: Apartment or Neighborhood?#comments
10/16/09 07:30 PM

Great place. Would love to sit at that table or in one of the window seats with a cup of tea.

Apartment Therapy New York | Cusi & Peter's Cosy Writers' Studio Room for Color - East #20
10/13/09 08:02 PM

Agree with at the ceiling, but if you what them below the upper window use a white rod so the rod doesn't stand out when the curtains are open

Apartment Therapy Chicago | What Height to Hang Curtains? Good Questions
10/13/09 07:14 PM

The things that look like green oranges could be hedge apples. I love their texture and color. They are supposed to keep spiders away.

Apartment Therapy DC | The Easiest Fall DIY Decoration: Pinecones
10/13/09 07:07 PM

My favorite color! I love the many moods of Green.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Color Combo: Green on Green
3/20/09 08:58 PM

I also buy most everything at thrift stores, and would add to the list vintage purses. I have used some to hold fresh flowers by putting a small vase inside an open purse.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Best Things to Buy Second-Hand
3/20/09 08:49 PM