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Am I missing something? What is humorous or surprising about the last three---they are quite ordinary--I love the hopscotch rug and the giant lamp--both are delightful & unexpected. By the way, Visualingual--your fish is beautiful!

Apartment Therapy DC | Perfectly and Purposefully Out-Of-Place Decor Details
10/17/09 01:08 PM

how about "no more wire hangers"?

Apartment Therapy Boston | Confidence Boosting Hangers
10/16/09 08:38 PM

and don't forget to include a well loved pet--a cute cat or dog relaxing somewhere in the picture really adds to the shot.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | 8 Stylist's Tricks That Really Work
10/16/09 08:36 PM

what a fun home--it's one of my favorites in the color contest so far

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Lori's Eye Popping Neutra Room for Color - West #19
10/13/09 11:27 AM

what in the world is sitting on the settee next to the wild bird mix? It looks like a plus sized raccoon. I love your boldness & your kitchen table with the fold-down sides. Thanks!

Apartment Therapy New York | Abigail's 'Victorian Peacock' Room for Color - East #16
10/12/09 10:52 AM

It is beautiful, I think that the fact that this was done in a small space must be the key to looking right. Our entryway has floor to ceiling yellow and looks pretty oppressive. My husband is repainting the ceiling in a white this weekend. We hope the white ceiling will help to bring in a more natural looking light.

Apartment Therapy Boston | Painting Bathroom Ceiling Same Color as Walls
10/11/09 12:45 PM

the 5th and the 7th ones really speak to me--I'm not sure why yet--I'll have to study them more. All the rest are wonderful. I love seeing homes from other countries--what a treat!

Apartment Therapy DC | Inside Outside 10 South African Homes House Tour Roundup
10/8/09 07:15 PM

well I'll say that I love the shot of the exterior & the roof(s).

Apartment Therapy Boston | A New Kitchen for an Old Modern Home New Canaan, CT
10/7/09 09:38 PM

what a lovely home---I have the same sock form that you do but never thought about putting a sock on it for some reason. Thanks for sharing!

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Francesco's Well-Curated Flat House Tour
10/7/09 01:04 PM

keep staring--the results are amazingly beautiful!

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Randolph's Dusk to Dawn Room for Color - West #3
10/3/09 11:55 AM

very beautiful & mad scientist-y. A bit overpriced though.

Apartment Therapy New York | Robert Odgen Lamps at Sundance
10/2/09 05:22 PM

what a great idea!

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Possible DIY? The See-Saw Bookshelf
10/1/09 01:07 PM

Your pillow says it all "Lovely" what a home. The teddy bears in the fireplace are too cute and so is your cat. An enthusiastic thank you for sharing!

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Allison’s Super Creative Cottage House Tour
9/30/09 06:02 PM

the murals are a great idea, but I love the plaid curtains in room number three the most

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Fun and Crafty Wall Murals
9/29/09 11:30 AM

Cats and dogs are equally wonderful. Don't forget that birds make wonderful pets too. They are a lot of fun on every level.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Survey: Cat or Dog?With a Few Good Quotes for Good Measure
9/28/09 11:56 AM

it looks like the product of an oil spill--so Diesel is an apt name.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Diesel Lifestyle Bedding Collection
9/23/09 04:03 PM

I've always wanted a secret compartment--what a fun tour!

Apartment Therapy DC | Closeup: Scott's Hidden Historical Treasures
9/22/09 02:56 PM

it's like a beautiful photo kiosk--what a brilliant idea--

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Julie's DIY Film Slide Light
9/22/09 11:19 AM

None of the so called "Design Stars" come close to the talent I've seen exhibited on Apartment Therapy or many other design websites. I think HGTV is underestimating who their audience is and how they really decorate. My opinion is that I don't think America really cares that much about how hunky or quirky the host is---it's more about the feeling that a home or room evokes as a whole. I think it should be less about sex appeal, team challenges and shopping skills and more about what works in a room or home and why. So far the only place that I've found what I would like to see is on AT and some other great websites, not on television.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Design Star, The Final Challenge
9/20/09 06:20 PM

these are gorgeous--it would be wonderful to put one of these over the bed in midwinter--what a great reminder of summer.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Moon-Lily Mobiles by Jan R. Carson
9/15/09 04:27 PM