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Those panels!!!!!!!! Never seen them before- could you tell a bit about that??? I love them!

Ellen & Greg's Renovated Loft Kitchen Kitchen Tour
1/29/14 03:25 PM

How funny- in my year and a half since I moved to a new house- I've had to rip up the wall to wall- (I do animal rescue) and I actually miss the way it looks. I'm painting a wooden desk white- stuck on a whim (after many hours and dollars planting) two fake flowers (among 'real womans' in the ground in front of my pond because the previous ones had all died. I am not, or at least I believe- a tacky kind of person- but maybe I am!

Five Controversial Decor Items (And Why You May Want Them)
6/9/13 02:57 PM

I so agree about the dirty look of China White- I had it in my home and after a short time it looked like we had some kind of a smoke issue going on. We had pretty good light in that place- I guess I like white to have a crispness to it-I don't care to be blinded- but sure don't want it to look like it needs a scrubbing.

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5/27/13 01:27 AM