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I had the worst infestation imaginable. I rented a 4 bedroom unit that my friends had previously lived in, so I knew it had always had a pantry moth problem, but the landlord claimed he had dealt with it. The place was freshly painted and looked great so we all moved in. Sure enough, I was leaving for 3 weeks at christmas and noticed 2 up in the corner near the ceiling. I asked my roommates to kill them, knowing how bad it can get. When I got home, not only had they multiplied, they had infested every dry food in the pantry. We vacuumed over 200 maggoty things off the ceiling, but they had spread into our bedrooms. My roommate was drinking a coffee and found one in his mouth. It was torture. The landlord took so long to deal with it, but we eventually got "bombed" and have traps up and they catch dozens. We haven't had a problem since.

But how bizarre is it that they can get in past lids and seals?!

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6/18/09 06:55 PM

Does anyone know a source for that red bin in the second photo. It looks interesting

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6/2/09 07:47 PM

Love it all. Have to ask where that Red Stamps poster came from. I am a sucker for bold print

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5/21/09 01:00 AM

I love that rug, anyone know the maker? Thanks!

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5/5/09 06:34 PM

I have a girlfriend who uses a sea sponge at that time of the month. The lady who sold her on it mentioned Cleopatra as an endorsment. Not sure about that, but my friend hasn't had any dramas. She bought hers at a speciality store for other intimate things...

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5/5/09 05:35 PM

Can someone tell me where that table comes from? It's exactly what I'm looking for. Thnx

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4/29/09 08:41 PM

Are those planted in any particular type of soil and finished with aquarium stones? Or entirely in stones...

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4/22/09 05:36 PM

Did you make the elephant or do you know of somewhere it's for sale. It's so cute!

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4/22/09 05:24 PM

Can someone please tell me where to find that elephant? I've seen it as a pattern before, but I can't sew a stitch! Thanks

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4/22/09 05:21 PM

Can anyone tell me who manufactures that stove? It's amazing. Thanks!

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3/19/09 07:01 PM