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failjolesfail: I thought they were orchids at first, but they look like some kind of bleeding heart; however, I'm no gardner. Maybe someone else can positively identify them because I would love to know.

Before After: Spice Rack Mondo Cherry | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
4/5/10 12:49 AM

I have to have an apartment with lots of sunlight. I always look for places with mostly south facing windows and that are on an upper floor of a building that is on a corner or taller than surrounding buildings. That way I can enjoy all day sunlight without any buildings casting shadows.

Aesthetics, Location and Other Moving Considerations | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
3/29/10 07:04 PM

Every year, my mom and brother wait to decorate until I come home for Christmas. There is one special holiday tradition that involves a pearlized ceramic Christmas tree my grandmother made for my mother. My brother and I always set it up by taking turns putting the tiny plastic bulbs in their holes. This can usually take awhile because getting the bulbs to fit is sort of a puzzle that involves twisting them and wiggling them around to fit a particular hole or switching numerous bulbs until we get them all to fit. Finally, when it's time to put the plastic star on top, we turn on the light within the tree and call our mom over and she watches as we both grab an arm of the star and place it on top of the ceramic tree at the same time. No matter how old we are, we still feel a childish excitement watching the light first enter that star and delight in seeing the whole tree lit up.

Holiday Tradition and Home Decor | Apartment Therapy Chicago
12/8/09 04:10 PM

It's been driving me nuts that I can't find the right MCM dresser to replace the particle board boxes my boyfriend and I call a TV stand and DVD shelf. I also have two comfortable but unattractive MCM chairs that I might be replacing with two gorgeous damask wing chairs tonight. However, unlike the particle board boxes, I won't be tossing the MCM chairs since I hope to reupholster them sometime and use them in another room.

Do You Have "Placeholder" Furniture? | Apartment Therapy DC
11/20/09 02:14 PM

At least in the living room, paint the walls a mushroom color (like Behr's Wild Honey 760C-3) to give the room a neutral backdrop while keeping with the style and color of the wood flooring and mantle and then accent the room with some of the colors you both love since a lot of them work well together and offer both a warm and bright feeling (red, orange, bright yellow, bright green, sage green).

Note: Always check your paint samples under different lightings in the room since they can look drastically different. My boyfriend's mom tested a color in her living room that she won't be using because it looks gray in dark corners, beige in sunlight, and peach under lamplight.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Color Suggestions to Save Us from Our White Walls? Good Questions
9/10/09 01:57 PM

It all reminds me of the hobbit houses in The Shire. =)

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Functional Art by George Denninger
9/10/09 12:55 PM

Frankenstein furniture gone terribly wrong. The only piece I like is the last one because it actually works; I like the interesting shape of the wood tabletop with the red legs.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Repurposed Furniture by Made
5/21/09 11:08 AM

Megnez and I have the same idea. As soon as I replace my CRT TV with a flat panel TV, I plan on getting a MCM credenza/dresser with 9 drawers to store all of my media and set my TV on. That way I all of my media will be hidden away so that I can focus on the TV and the beautiful piece of furniture it sits on and I won't have to get down on my hands and knees to find the DVD I'm looking for as I do now with a shelf system.

Apartment Therapy DC | Good Questions: Looking for the Perfect Media Cabinet?
5/21/09 10:45 AM

Nothing in my apartment is off limits... except what has been dubbed "The Bunny Glass." The Bunny Glass has a simple pattern engraved in it that looks like little bunny heads in silhouette and looks like it may have been made in the 1960's. After I discovered it buried in the back of my grandparents' kitchen cabinets, whenever my brother and I went to my grandparents' house and decided to have a glass of chocolate milk, we would always end up fighting over it. One year my grandmother, remembering how much I loved it, gave it to me for my birthday. Now, I'm the only one who uses it because I'm afraid anyone else who uses it might break it and I only use it when I want a glass of chocolate milk just to keep with tradition. ;)

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Are Some Items In Your Home Off Limits?
5/19/09 07:35 PM

I like this. It reminds me of the iTunes artwork screen saver on my computer.

Apartment Therapy DC | SigmaRail CD Storage System
5/19/09 07:00 PM

Whoa! When I saw picture #5, I thought to myself "Hey! That looks exactly like one of the places on VCU's campus here in Richmond, VA!" Then I thought "Nah! It can't be. It's probably just a picture of some historic houses in some other city." So I took a guess and plugged in "1006 Franklin Street Richmond, VA" into google maps just to prove to myself that the picture wasn't taken in Richmond... it turns out that that is the EXACT address the picture was taken! How weird is that?! Sorry, some things are just too weird for me to ignore.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Vancouver's Anonymous Photo Project
5/9/09 01:56 AM

I LOVE that first room. The cool robins egg blue accents go nicely with the warm overlapping maps. I think this might be my inspiration for when I decide to change my bedroom decor.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | More Interiors with Robin's Egg Blue
5/1/09 11:47 PM

My grandmother used to be a hoarder. The main floor of her house was kept fairly tidy, but her basement was a maze of teetering six foot towers of plastic bags stuffed with flattened packaging from cereal, cookies, crackers, huggies, toothpaste, etc. and buried underneath it all was every vintage piece of home decor and toy my dad and aunts and uncle had every grown up with. My grandmother would slowly get around to cutting out the UPC labels from the packaging and send them to the manufacturer in order to redeem free stuff and coupons to buy more products from which she could hoard the packaging. It was a neverending circle. Finally, my dad got fed up with it and starting to secretly haul bags of the stuff off to the dump. It didn't take very long for my grandmother to notice and when she did it was not pretty. Not long after, she got into Longaberger baskets and decided (on her own terms) that she wanted to clear out the basement in order to make room for an office from which she could schedule basket parties and grow as a seller.

Your wife may need some creative outlet that she can dedicate her free time and energy towards rather than using it all towards making sure you don't throw any of her stuff away. And, if she gets into a hobby, odds are that she's going to need to clear a space for it.

If her issue is with feeling wasteful, maybe the two of you can go through everything and recycle whatever is too junky for anyone to want (like the mismatched easter egg), give away whatever someone might find useful (the waist pack), and sell whatever might still hold some value (the broken Volvo). Craigslist comes to mind.

I hope my anecdote is of inspiration and that any ideas that the community has thrown out there are helpful. =)

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Good Questions: Help! Fighting Over Spouse's Stuff
4/28/09 11:22 AM

Right now, the colors and patterns in the rooms give me the feeling that I'm stuck in an arcade game. I'm thinking something along the lines of Galaga or Space Invaders.

I'd like to see what the rooms might look like with some furniture and decor. I think it would help soften the impact of the floor/wall design.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Look! Colorful Flooring Via Design Crisis
4/13/09 06:06 PM

Mine are in a little wooden recipe box on the end table next to the sofa so they are out of the way but within reach.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Survey: Where Do You Keep Your Remote Controls?
4/2/09 09:26 PM

I am the product of a small, clean freak, chronic furniture rearranging mom and a small, do-it-yourself, handyman dad and I've inherited all of these traits.

I have fixed broken hair dryers and handheld games; assembled furniture; moved box springs, mattresses, desks, tables, and armoires using nothing but a sheet and/or my puny muscles; repaired, hand sanded, stained, and painted damaged furniture (I got an armoire that was missing a foot so I made one out of clay, glued it on, and painted it to match); and I plan on sewing my own curtains, slipcovers, and pillow covers and reupholstering some old wing chairs.

I'm a craigslist/thrift store addict so me and my boyfriend's apartment is in a constant state of change. The only time I need his help is to pick up an item using his mom's van. Everything else I can and will do on my own. :))

Apartment Therapy Boston | Living Single Getting Things Done!
3/23/09 08:19 PM

Get a bamboo pole. They're super long, nearly unbreakable, and green! My dad duct taped a sturdy forked stick to the end of one and used it to hang christmas lights on the giant blue spruce trees in front of our house every christmas and even used it to get my kite of an oak tree when I was a kid.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Plastic Bag in the Tree
3/19/09 04:33 PM