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Sorry, I got the last spot for the May 30 Cheng outdoor concrete workshop. BUT they have a new date posted for June 27.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Free Garden Workshops: Third Sundays at Flora Grubb
5/18/09 03:32 PM

And, if you dig those wavy chairs or the concrete planters in that photo, you can learn to make cool outdoor concrete patio furniture and planters all by your little ol' self.

CHENG Concrete in Berkeley has a 1/2 day Concrete Workshop called Outdoor Living Essentials coming up on Saturday, May 30.

It's not free, but it's affordable and you get to take home the drawings, so you can build as many as you want after the workshop.


See you on the patio.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Free Garden Workshops: Third Sundays at Flora Grubb
5/14/09 03:31 PM

an easier idea is to rethink your outdoor table - does it have to be at table height? you could consider doing a concrete "coffee table" surrounded by inexpensive patio furniture - here is a more advanced example - scroll down to the Exterior/Outdoor category - there is also a cool concrete chair, maybe not for the typical diyer, but fun to look at


Apartment Therapy Chicago | Weekend Project: Easy Concrete Outdoor Furniture
4/1/09 01:03 PM

Splatgirl, fyi - There have been major advances in the past 2 years in sealers and waxes for concrete countertops as the industry has rapidly evolved. The trick is to get a non-solvent wax which prevents damage to the sealer. Any wax with a solvent in it will strip a little bit of sealer with each application of wax. The purpose of the wax is to protect the sealer.....not damage it. Sorry to be crass with a product recommendation, but this stuff is lauded by concrete pros.


Apartment Therapy New York | Roundup: Concrete in the Kitchen
3/24/09 12:11 PM

Like any other material, concrete's beauty is very dependent upon design and construction. The best thing about concrete is versatility across pricepoint, design, and fabricators. Simple, straightforward and environmentally responsible concrete countertops can be made and appreciated by the average DIYer. In the hands of concrete artisans and professional designers, more sophisticated palettes and design elements elevate the material to a status that is arguabley higher than that of granite. Concrete may be the only countertop material that provides this full spectrum of design and pricepoint options that can be achieved by BOTH DIYers and Design Professionals.


Here are some examples of concrete (not just countertops) in the hands of professionals.

Apartment Therapy New York | Roundup: Concrete in the Kitchen
3/19/09 07:40 PM

I think the island should be wide open like a table too, so you can both do whatever you like on it, eat, make school projects, fold laundry, etc., but also appreciate the beauty of the large, unbroken surface. The ones made of concrete are cool (posted by dennisd already)
Did you see the award-winning ones? http://www.concreteexchange.com/gallery_winners.jsp
There is one big table with a slab of wood running down the middle and another cool island with really funky coloring and texture. If you're going to have a big surface, concrete seems like an easy way to make a statement with it.

Apartment Therapy Boston | Survey: What Goes Best in a Kitchen Island?
3/19/09 01:00 PM