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Oh, I have to throw my favorite potter's name into the mix: Susan Smith of Tennessee! Here's her online gallery - the yellow bird bowls are my favorite!

Handmade Dishes: Tabletop Servingware Roundup | Apartment Therapy New York
2/18/10 04:33 PM

I grew up on Green Acres Dr. I loved writing that address out, always made me smile. Now, it's just a typical NYC numbered street, not nearly as interesting!

Your Street Name and You | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
12/21/09 12:52 PM

I just have to express this, or it'll bug me - you should consider shifting the coffee table so the long side faces the green couch, it w3ould give a better sense of balance and a better anchor to the big furniture pieces.

Apartment Therapy DC | Elizabeth's Apple of Her Eye Room for Color - South #6
10/8/09 02:17 PM

What a great space! I can just picture myself at a dinner party there...
I'm 99.9% certain that's the same orchid, just moved from room to room.

Apartment Therapy New York | Beth's Updated London Townhouse House Call
10/8/09 02:14 PM


Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Ally's Contemporary with a Touch of Paris Glam House Call
9/25/09 02:36 PM

We've got a very small black flat-screen tucked on a shelf in our black bookcase. You can't even see it when it's off.

Apartment Therapy New York | Dealing with the Television from Apartment Therapy House Tours
9/24/09 01:23 PM

sunan, well said.
Extreme issues (as some have cited here) might call for extreme measures, but I think slightly less satisfying sleep is a small price to pay for those last minutes of the day under the covers chatting, and snuggling up against hubby's back if I wake in the middle of the night. Wouldn't miss out on that for anything.
I'll go so far as to say that the thought of a married couple sleeping in separate rooms makes me sad.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | When Couples Don't Sleep Well Together...
9/24/09 01:20 PM

*anything, not any

Apartment Therapy Boston | Good Quote: from Isaac Mizrahi
9/21/09 01:54 PM

Good golly, I love Mr. Mizrahi. He's so talented that he couldn't possibly make any "tasteless" - it would always end up being nothing short of adorable!

Apartment Therapy Boston | Good Quote: from Isaac Mizrahi
9/21/09 01:53 PM

My husband is a guitarist and we house 6 frequently used guitars at our home. Instead of artwork over our bed, we have 4 guitars hanging from the wall on one side, wrapping around a corner onto the side wall, and 2 hanging on the other side. Totally functional, and looks pretty cool.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Display Ideas For the Music Lover
9/21/09 01:51 PM

My nightmare houseswap would be with my former college roommate - she was a textbook packrat and a total slob! But the icing on the cake was that she swore it was the only way she could function, and she flipped out if I threw away even one six-month old receipt!

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Your Nightmare "House Swap"?
7/30/09 02:28 PM

Who the heck could actually relax and enjoy a meal with a huge half-naked statue literally hanging over them??? Seems like it just gives off bad vibes in general, Jesus or no...

Apartment Therapy New York | House Tour: Anisa's Eclectic Shrine Pretoria, South Africa
7/28/09 01:52 PM

Who the hell would actually be able to relax and enjoy a meal with any sort of huge half-naked statue literally hanging over them??? Talk about killing the feng shui...

Apartment Therapy New York | House Tour: Anisa's Eclectic Shrine Pretoria, South Africa
7/28/09 01:50 PM

I second the vote for cafe curtains, that start halfway down the window and go to the bottom of the sill. Full curtains would distract from that fabulous focal-point fireplace, plus, it would let natural light in but keep privacy.

Apartment Therapy New York | Good Questions: Curtain Ideas for this Room?
6/24/09 01:13 PM

2 matching armless chairs - black or white

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Good Questions: Chairs to Go With New Settee?
6/24/09 01:10 PM

JC Penney! JC Penney! I just bought a new rug three weeks ago - great selection, great price, great quality, good customer service, and it arrived in about 1/3 of the time they said it would.

Apartment Therapy New York | Good Questions: Inexpensive Modern Rug Resource?
4/2/09 02:25 PM

Apt. Therapy: Please keep in mind that the name of the contest is "Small Cool". I don't care where you live, anything over 600 square feet is "average" sized at best, not small. Unless you are living with at least 4 other people in that space and then, well, yikes! I lived in 1,000 square feet in Nashville and it was HUGE and now I live in 300 square feet. Waaaay more creativity has been required. House tours pay homage to the larger homes. Please keep the Small Cool contest just for us folks in truly small spaces. It's really the only time we get to show off what we've done without competition from everyone else with more space!

Apartment Therapy New York | Coming Next Week ... Small Cool 2009
3/30/09 12:50 PM

LauraE, that's very true! Many a time I have adjusted something or changed something after I saw one of my rooms in a picture either I or a friend took.

Apartment Therapy New York | One Thing You Can Do To Make Your Space Feel Larger, Cleaner, and More Inviting
3/27/09 04:42 PM

I think almost any color scheme can work as long as you have artwork containing the desired colors. In your case, hunt down some prints with the Wedgewood Blue and the slate gray - something nautical as others have suggested is not a bad idea.

Apartment Therapy New York | Good Questions: Suggestions for Completing this Bedroom?
3/27/09 04:39 PM

Also, I would not think the "cute guy I just met with Irish Spring Soap" in his bathroom was weird at all. I would not think twice about it because it's So normal, actually.

Apartment Therapy New York | Sexiest Bathroom Soaps 2009
3/25/09 01:50 PM