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as mentioned, a cozy rug and lamps instead of overhead - maybe even an electric stand alone fireplace! Maybe you could have a little bar cart as well.

Ideas for Transforming Corner into a Relaxing Sitting Area? Good Questions
3/4/14 04:55 PM

I think there isn't a photo of this tv stand they keep referring to, or am I missing it?

Bree & Andy's DC Home Hits the Bright Spot House Tour
2/25/14 12:21 PM

This is actually one of my favourite companies. They also have a cedar wood and vanilla candle that makes you feel like you're the most peaceful you've ever been in the middle of a forest.

Citrus & Ginger Sea Salt Hair Spray
2/18/14 06:03 PM

I live in vancouver, and one splurge is car2go, a by-the-minute one way car rental service. It was the biggest treat to be able to drive someplace in 30 minutes that could take me up to an hour and a half before, all without carrying everything I needed for work! We have also just moved to a slightly more expensive, but very transit friendly, area of town, which I consider kind of an extravagance. The other one is buying really good quality food. Its expensive to eat out here, so we don't do it often and instead buy the ingredients to make whatever we want and get quite creative and use neat cookbooks. I love it. When we do go out, we tend to split one appetizer and one meal and its perfect (we also allow ourselves to order another meal if we're still hungry, but it hasn't happened yet). the appetizer comes first which allows us to prime our stomachs, then the meal. I'm actually overweight and both of us are big eaters, but we find its the perfect amount of food because, I think, of the appetizer helping our stomachs send the message to our brains. This has gotten off track of indulgences, but for us its a great way to indulge without breaking the bank.

What Conveniences are You Willing to Splurge On?
2/18/14 05:57 PM

I'd like to contribute my two cents here as a messy but organized and constantly refining person. First, I agree with textiles in that this was about editing, not organizing. Here are things I've learned about closet organization
1) I hang 99% of my things. As a messy person, I find as soon as something starts to look messy all hell breaks loose, and that often happens when things are folded. I hang pants, tank tops on a pant hanger (easy on, easy off), shirts, dresses...nearly everything. They are more visually appealing and in my opinion easier to find what you're looking for. Having said that, if you are going to fold things, do it accordion style so you can see everything at once. Most shirts, if they have any detail, are generally around the chest area, so that style of folding highlights that area. I also go by feel.
2) I try to work with my natural inclination. I tend to take off my clothes when I walk into the bedroom, so that's where I put my 3 laundry hampers (darks, whites, bright colours) - it doesn't look as nice, but I actually use it.
3) I keep my jewellery in a hanging organizer like this
I know its not attractive, but I can see everything at once, and even though I don't think I have a lot of jewellery, it adds up. They take up minimal space, things stay separated, and any time I feel like a necklace could get tangled i loop it onto a bobby pin. They don't need to hang, they're big girls.
4) I only have about 20 pairs of shoes, and I keep them in a shoe organizer by the front door. I don't really understand why people keep shoes in their bedrooms. Well I kind of understand, but I think there needs to be a large shoe storage area at the front door - the flat Bissa or hemnes are great - take up minimal floor space for a walloping storage punch. Shoes go by the door...where you put them on to leave.
5) I've tried to organize by colour, by season, by short and long sleeve, and by fabric. colour works by far the best, as we all know what colour our items are.
6) Above and below my closet (I have the standard two door closet - 4 feet wide? here is what I do. first, I got a chain and a dowel and doubled my hanging storage as that's what I predominantly use. Below the shorter things on the bottom I have a storage bin of less used shoes, one of purses, and a donation bag. Above it I have fancy underwear and nylons ( don't wear it often so that suits me), fancy dresses (in a box), and things that need mending.
I do have small one dresser that I keep for:
makeup on top - stop putting on your make up in the bathroom and it'll save you so much messiness. Same for taking off your clothes in the bedroom. Bathroom is for pooping, peeing, showering, and teeth brushing
- top drawer -tights/leggings belts and sunglasses
- middle drawer - divided into 4 sections 4: sport socks, dress socks, underwear, and bras (stacked on top of each other) I have enough for about 2 weeks of each, which I guess by some standards is conservative.
- bottom drawer - athletic wear - I don't care to fold this stuff so I just throw it in there. Same again, I have enough for about a week's worth of all weather anything, and that's enough for me.

One Minute with a Professional Organizer:
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1/9/14 06:38 PM