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This house screams Royal Tenenbaums! I can totally see Wes Anderson living in this place. I love it!

Philippa’s Worldly Vignettes
House Tour

11/12/10 12:21 PM

i love the countertops!

Stella's Modern Bungalow Kitchen in Palo Alto Small Cool Kitchens 2010 - Own Division | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
5/12/10 07:41 PM

white floors are a pain.

White or Dark Floors: What's Easier to Keep Clean? | Apartment Therapy New York
5/11/10 12:40 PM

im in the process of making a dining room/library/piano room. its turning out great. if I only had a dining room table the room would be so boring and naked.

Repurpose a Room with an IKEA Billy Bookcase Hack | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
5/4/10 01:41 PM

Great wallpaper. Its from Anthropologie right?

Delia Jeff's Flood-Prone Loft House Call | Apartment Therapy New York
3/12/10 10:55 PM

i love the kitchen and how the books are displayed in the kid's room!

Grace and Collin's Coastal CottageHouse Tour | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
2/26/10 04:14 PM

one of my favorite house tours!

Stefanie Luke's Brooklyn Limestone House Tour | Apartment Therapy New York
2/24/10 01:06 PM

apartment therapy is my procrastination :)

About Putting Things Off…and Getting Over the Hump | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
2/22/10 09:56 PM

aahah i love it!

Make Photographic Valentines For Friends Family | Apartment Therapy Chicago
2/10/10 01:32 PM

This is exactly what happened to me 3 weeks ago! The people who broke in took my wii, laptop, other video game stuff, and my ipod. thats about it. My cat got out, but luckily stayed by our house. Small stealin world.

How To Prevent Break Ins | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
2/8/10 09:45 PM

This is so weird that this has been posted this week because I just found out I have a weird skin allergic reaction (which i thought were just regular bug bites) all over me from dust mites. I had to buy a mattress cover, new pillows, clean out my closet entirely from top to bottom, clean all the pictures I have in the room, the windows, my bathroom, pillows, blankets, etc.
It was gross, but its all good now.

Dust and Dust Mite Proof Your Bedroom | Apartment Therapy New York
1/10/10 02:43 PM

what about HomeGoods?

Best Budget Stores: Big Box and Outlet Marketplace 2009 | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
12/28/09 01:49 PM

so unique!

Win this Tucker Collection Lamp from Savannah College of Art and Design! Holiday Giveaway 2009 | Apartment Therapy DC
12/17/09 05:06 PM

1-4 make me smile :)

10 Cozy Spots For Curling Up | Apartment Therapy Boston
12/17/09 02:26 AM

ahh that would look sooo cool in my kitchen!

Win Everyday Art from Poketo! Holiday Giveaway 2009 | Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh
12/11/09 07:28 PM

yes i love!

Win a Full Range of Healthy Home Cleaners from Ecover! Holiday Giveaway 2009 | Apartment Therapy Re-Nest
12/8/09 12:15 PM

ooo i desperately need!!

Win this 7-Piece Baking Set from Cuisipro! Holiday Giveaway 2009 | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
12/8/09 12:14 PM

currently broken printer college student= i need this PLEASE!

Win this Epson Artisan 810 from Epson! Holiday Giveaway 2009 | Apartment Therapy Unplggd
12/1/09 09:02 PM

pretty pretty!

Win this Janthur Pillow from Looolo Textiles! Holiday Giveaway 2009 | Apartment Therapy Re-Nest
11/27/09 09:32 PM

this cant be 700 sq ft... its huge!

Ila Nate's Corridor of Color House Tour | Apartment Therapy Boston
11/25/09 12:43 AM