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Good tips for non-drinkers, but please avoid assumptions about those who have dietary restrictions. While sure, some people wear them as a badge of honor, that's a pretty cynical view. As someone with celiac disease, it is medically necessary for me to avoid even trace amounts of gluten, and making those in my position feel like it's a desperate act of egotism is pretty shortsighted of you. Pretty ironic given the supposed "live and let live" message of this article.

No, I'm Not a Wine Drinker: 3 Social Tips from a Teetotaler
4/24/12 02:05 PM

Thank you for featuring gluten-free options! I am newly gluten-free, and although I have a positive attitude about things, it is definitely a transition, and lunch is by far the hardest meal. I've been doing a lot of quinoa salads as well, but roasted sweet potatoes (re-heated at lunchtime) are also a satisfying option; curries/veggie and bean dishes are excellent on them. Also, pre-cooked, chilled salmon on a bed of greens is satisfying in warmer months without being too heavy.

Suggestions for Satisfying & Portable Gluten-Free Lunches?Recipe Questions
4/10/12 07:27 PM

Still dying to know about that tea kettle! :) Who made it? Gimme!

Charley & Jessica's "Patina Clean" House Tour
3/27/12 07:54 PM

Your place is great! What brand of tea kettle is that?

Charley & Jessica's "Patina Clean" House Tour
3/17/12 11:12 AM

First task is making the bed.

Last task WAS starting the dishwasher, but I just learned how dangerous that can now my last task is resisting the urge to turn on the dishwasher. Sweeping would be a good substitute.

What is Your First/Last Chore of the Day?
9/2/11 03:51 PM


I can completely relate. My husband and I are also moving to DC in a month. After a lot of looking, we've decided to move to Foggy Bottom. (It will be close to my classes - starting grad school at GW - as well as the other areas we like.)

When we first began looking, we really only considered the NW and Capitol Hill/Eastern Market areas. Even with the latter, we found that there just wasn't as much of a range of housing - not as much safe value to be found - and since it's kind of isolated, we liked that NW offered a bigger spectrum of options. That's been our experience at least...but then again, we hope to figure out the neighborhoods better once we live in DC. (I don't even know if Foggy Bottom is considered NW.)

That said, it may not be our ignorance steering us away from the SE. Even when asking our "seasoned" DC friends for advice, no one recommended the SE, and based on the apartment listings we saw there, the properties and locations just seemed odd and uninspired.

Apartment Therapy DC | Roundup: Homes with Surprising Interiors
6/28/09 05:12 PM

Thanks, short giraffe! So far we have been checking craigslist a lot, but it's very helpful knowing that many good listings may not be advertised online or in the sounds like walking around and looking for less-advertised places may yield better results. Also, we've noticed an alarming number of fraudulent apartment listings on craigslist - what a shame.

I love the Capitol Hill and Eastern Market areas, and it doesn't sound like you are advising against English perhaps that is a reasonable option. I realize "budget" is subjective, but coming from Richmond to DC, we realize it will be an adjustment, so we're trying to be conservative without setting ourselves up for misery! Thanks again for your insight!

Apartment Therapy DC | Spring Cure 2009: Discussion Board I Washington, DC
5/2/09 10:15 PM

Hello everyone. This post is slightly different from other Cure-themed postings...but my husband and I were mid-Cure in Richmond (VA) when we made the decision to relocate to DC this summer (I'm going to grad school in the fall).

Since part of having a great space involves picking the right apartment and community in the first place, are there any suggestions out there for budget-friendly DC neighborhoods for a young couple and our little dog? English basements seem to be more cost-effective, but they also seem like they could be dark and dreary, and not particularly safe. I'll be going to GW in the evenings, and my husband will be working from home, so commute time is less of a concern, but we need enough workspace for both of us.

Thank you for any input you can offer - and good luck with your Cures!

Apartment Therapy DC | Spring Cure 2009: Discussion Board I Washington, DC
5/2/09 03:38 PM