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I made a "renter's riff on the appliance garage" with four 7 x 14 panels of foam core, which I put together with white duct tape like a folding screen. I attached a map of a favorite spot to the front of the panels with spray adhesive. Obviously, you could decorate it any way the muse directs you. The virtue of a folding screen is that it takes a nanosecond to move.

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4/3/14 12:50 PM

Thanks for mentioning the lack of stiles (I didn't know what to call that center vertical bar in many cabinets) in the upper cabinets. I have wide stiles in my rental unit cabinets, and they really limit the type of item that can be stored because big items are difficult to remove. It's a little detail that means a lot when space is at a premium.

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2/3/14 01:39 PM

I loved the idea of suspending ornaments in a RubberMaid bin because so many of my ornaments are oddly shaped. I tried drilling a Sterlite bin, however, and two of the holes cracked (two were perfect). I bet the plastic in these Sterlite bins was too brittle. (The bin was not new, either.) The RubberMaid bin may yield better results.

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12/19/13 09:14 AM

how about helping others? I find that some volunteer hours at the local food shelf help me regain perspective and increase my joy a hundred-fold.

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12/10/13 02:01 PM

I love my cabinet-depth Fisher Paykel. One trick for using the fridge space efficiently is to make one of the shelves really narrow. You will be amazed at how many things will fit easily and well into that narrow space, leaving more space for bulkier or taller items.

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5/29/13 12:31 PM

Best cotton dusting cloths that I have found are cotton diapers-single thickness. They are often sold in the cleaning area of Target or hardware stores.

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5/29/13 12:16 PM