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i did my daughters room similar before we moved. i got some big sheets of double sided sticky paper and covered one side with flannel fabric and cut out lolipop style trees and placed them on the walls. for the butterflies i used scrapbook paper on the double sided sticky paper and cut them out. it was so adorable. i was so depressed when we moved and i had to take it all down. and of course at that time my camera was broken!

this room is adorable! i love pottery barn kids!

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7/25/10 05:54 PM

we did EC with both our children with awesome results. my daughter was fully potty learned a month or so after she could walk and my son (8 months old now) has been doing great, but at a slower rate. honestly, its not difficult and i feel it created a stronger bond with my kids. like someone else said...it is just an extension of our parenting. i encourage everyone to try it out, you really have nothing to lose.

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9/16/09 10:31 PM

weve had this potty for the last year and really like it. i like the concept cause my daughter is a dribbler and with a noisy baby its hard to listen. i dont think theres anything disgusting about it. its not like you let it sit there with stuff in it for all to see. well, hopefully you dont.

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3/18/09 08:46 PM