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I love when people improvise and come up with solutions out of necessity. Each idea above is inspirational and I definitely intend to think of ways to maximize my current living space.

Top Tips for Maximizing Space in (Really) Tiny Paris Apartments...and Anywhere Else
3/21/14 02:07 PM

I went from a teeny tiny basement apartment that was probably about 350-400 SF but had a HUGE bedroom to an apartment that was 900 SF to currently an apartment that's 565 SF. I have to tell you that the 900 SF really spoiled me. It was just me living there and I had room to spare! I basically had two living rooms since the foyer was HUGE. Closet space galore. I was able to store everything under the sun there. Currently, in my 565SF apartment, I had to purchase a storage unit to store things and I feel so confined. I'm looking into purchasing a 750SF apartment and I'm hoping that it gives me that feeling of spaciousness I had with the 900SF. I guess it's personal preference as to the amount of space one needs. To me, nothing equates to roomy.

Does Size Matter?
3/21/14 01:52 PM

Well, I moved into my first apartment in a building after having lived in private houses all of my 41 years of life. It's a co-op building. Very clean, mostly quiet and full of working people. I've been there going on two weeks now and I noticed that I seem to have an 800lb person living above me. They stomp around the floor above my bedroom usually between 6am to 7:30am. I don't hear this stomping anywhere else except my bedroom. They like to get up on Saturdays and Sundays and play a small clock radio at 6am. I can hear this radio as if it's in the same room with me. This co-op has a 80% floor covering rule and it doesn't seem as if this person put any carpet on the bedroom floor. Being that I'm new, I don't want to have to get ugly with anybody, at least not so soon because I can really get mean when I need to. When I walk around my place, I'm usually in bare feet and I have plush area rugs all over the place. I don't tip toe around my place, but I also don't make a lot of noise, as I consider the people who live beneath me. This morning, however, as I was just walking normally around, I hear three quick taps on either my floor from below or my ceiling above, I wasn't sure. Now, here I was, just walking normally and not stomping. After tapping back and talking very LOUDLY about not appreciating the taps, it dawned on me maybe the 800lb person above me isn't really stomping at all, it just sounds that way. I'll use ear plugs in the early morning and that should resolve the only problem I have with the noise. This is the first apartment in a building I've lived in and will certainly be the last. I plan on buying a home within the next two years.

Good Questions: How Do You Quiet Your Neighbor???
3/27/07 10:26 AM