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I'd love to see a post on GOOD, non-outdated ceiling fans.

Before & After: Sophisticated Master Bedroom Makeover
2/8/12 03:40 PM


Entryway Organization: Remove Your Closet Doors
Jackie Morra Interiors

12/15/11 04:17 PM

A Canadian icon and we can't even win it. Quel dommage.

Win This Pendleton Glacier National Park Blanket from Daytrip Society!
Holiday Giveaway 2011

11/25/11 01:31 PM


Eve's "Hot Jewel Tones" Bedroom
11/9/11 11:59 AM

The best. I LOVE that wallpaper in the.. entryway? And I really dig the sort of antiqued-looking yellow next to the crisp wainscotting.

Kristina's "Cuban Vacation" Room
11/1/11 05:29 PM

Oooh! What paint technique did you use to get that colourwashed-looking finished?

Laura's "Moroccan Modern" Room
11/1/11 05:26 PM

Really gorgeous. Looks like a hotel, actually. And it looks muy expensivo. The entirety of this home is so far out of my budget, all I can do is Pin the crap out of it and pray for the lottery.

Brian & Daniel's Worldly Oasis Home
House Tour

10/31/11 12:44 PM

I love your living room. Wowsies.

Megan's "Woodstock Modern" Room
10/27/11 12:21 PM


Before & After:Worn Out Shell Chair Gets Party-Ready
10/25/11 04:21 PM

Actually, funny chartreuse story:

My friend had a pet parrotelet - a tiiiiiiiny little parrot. Really adorable. He was bright greeny-yellow, so she named him Chartreuse. But, as pet names tend to do, "Chartreuse" eventually evolved and shortened into "Chart" ... pronounced, um... "Shart."


Color Spotlight: Chartreuse
10/17/11 06:12 PM

Thank you for not saying "grellow."

Color Spotlight: Chartreuse
10/17/11 05:51 PM


Fun in Advertising: 7 of IKEA's Best TV Commercials
10/11/11 11:58 AM

@NothingFades: TRUTH.

Unhappy Hipsters Book: It's Lonely in the Modern World
10/5/11 04:01 PM

I am SO going to have a white painted wood floor someday.

...I say this everytime AT posts a white painted wood floor. *meep*

Before & After: Floor from Worn Out to White & Bright
Modern Jane Design

10/3/11 05:39 PM

I KNEW someone was going to comment on the toilet lid.

@HouseOnClintonAve - I painted my bathroom a similar muted greeny grey colour: Martha Stewart's Garden Shed.

Before & After: Andi & Dean's Master Bath on a Budget
9/30/11 12:12 PM

I think I will probably never like paint chip wall art.

Use Paint Chips to Create Wall Art
9/15/11 01:00 PM

"I don’t know who buys these houses, or why."


Someone should apply for a grant to study what drives people to behave like such giant d-bags on the internet.

Help with Three-Story McMansion Stairwell Walls?
Good Questions

9/7/11 02:01 PM

"Gary, I know you want to be able to see better, but putting your chair on top of the table is running you perilously close to a life-threatening electrical shock."

Trend Watch: Braids Are Back
9/1/11 12:02 PM

Warmer grey and tonnnnnnns of artwork on that one bare wall.

Gray Paint to Go with Yellow Walls?
Good Questions

9/1/11 11:59 AM

OOOOOOOOH that island...

Nancy & Alan’s Colorful Playa Vista Condo
House Tour

8/24/11 01:15 PM