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While I may be in the minority, I kind of like this idea in certain instances. I own a small cabin in upstate New York -- only use it in the summer and for the odd weekend in fall/spring (too expensive to keep heated in the winter). I have thought seriously about this idea -- just rip out all the walls and have one big loft-like space. The cabin is really not big enough for more than one or two people (very friendly two people at that). As long as there's a separate room for the toilet, I think this is a practical solution to a small space. Have thought about having curtain dividers instead of walls for the times when you want to "wall off" the space but that's about it. Am I insane?

The Fall of the Bathroom Wall The Eye
10/8/13 11:13 PM

Looks amazing -- do you have issues with leakage out of the curbless shower?

Faith & Mike's Master Bathroom:
The Big Reveal Renovation Diary

8/9/13 11:37 AM

Would love to come by and see this--I own a cabin in Bethel that's in the midst of a renovation nightmare.

Apartment Therapy New York | ColorTherapy: RLW Cabin
3/18/09 12:01 AM