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I love that "blowfish" vase! Where did it come from?

6 Small, Random Efforts That Pay Off Big at Home
6/25/14 12:20 PM

What a great series! Thank you for this realistic post. Sometimes it's chicken breast, broccoli, and apples. Sometimes mac'n'cheese from the box with maybe some frozen peas stirred in. Sometimes they snack on whole carrots a la Bugs Bunny. Sometimes it's sugar bomb cereal. They will grow just fine.

You're Doing It Right: Feeding Your Kids You're Doing It Right
6/3/14 02:36 PM

A a less expensive option would be to put some patio furniture out front: a couple chairs and a side table. Potted plants, and other basic pieces of decor. We recently painted our house, also with a red door. We painted the posts the same color, got a new door, and door hardware. You can also get new house numbers.

Add Character to Home Exterior with Red Door and What Else? Good Questions
6/3/14 02:07 PM

I love it! Great job! Colors, layout. I love all the nooks and crannies. It's so fresh and fun.

Jamie's Wild Blue Yonder House Tour
6/3/14 01:53 PM

Does anyone know who makes that refrigerator?

Elena & Judd's Cozy Amsterdam Apartment House Tour
1/6/14 01:11 PM

For the record, my husband and I just bought a house in Crestview for $280k. The asking was $265k. It had 16 views in the first day on the market, 6 offers. We had to go 10% over asking to win the bid war. It is about 1045sqft, 2 bed, 2 bath and only a couple updates (bonus "room" off master built in 1991). The market is crazy in Austin right now.

Crestview/Brentwood is a great neighborhood with a lot to do around it. We happily downsized from suburban 2360sqft in North Austin for location. (we're putting our old house on the market soon, would you like to buy? :) ) We are a 4-person family with twin boys and looking to add to our house in the next 5 years. Our downsizing was inspired by Small Cool.

Also take a look at Rosewood, just east of I-35 near The University of Texas. Lots of interesting stuff around there.

Avoid Cedar Park, Leander, Round Rock, etc if for no other reason than the commute if you will be working *in* Austin. Those towns are pretty soulless in my opinion.

Where To Buy in Austin, Texas Area? Good Questions
7/11/13 03:50 PM

Mopping! I really really don't like mopping. Lugging around a bucket of water, filling and emptying said bucket, wasting a ton of water...

I've almost bought a Scooba for the purpose if not for the fact that I have natural slate (all bumpy and irregular) in my kitchen.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Which Household Chore Would You Want Solved?
3/17/09 12:13 PM