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Used to be up for the dog to drink out of it. Three toddlers in the house always meant doggie water on the floor. Now that they are bigger we can reinstate the dog dish and are planning to put a vinyl cling of an octopus on the toilet to entice them to close it!

Toilet Seat Lid Up or Down?
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2/6/12 08:09 PM

Why not continue the stripes? Maybe a little thinner. OR just mix some white with the Owl Gray and make it a lighter shade. Or do the same and paint the side walls the Owl Gray and the back wall with stripes.

Love the color choice!

Color for Adjacent Dining Area?
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2/4/12 11:29 AM

Modge Podge on some book pages or music sheets ... I salvaged a lamp from a house for this and it looks great!!

Can This Nice-But-Dated Fixture Be Saved?
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11/10/11 09:56 PM

Oh and the Vingear is watered down! It's just enough to make your hair soft .. in fact you don't really have to use it.

I've also heard good things about Coconut Oil as a styling product.

Apartment Therapy Re-Nest | The "No-'Poo" MovementBlogging NPR
3/25/09 10:12 AM

No-poo-er in the Deep South here!

Baking Soda and Apple Cider Vinegar CURED my husbands awful awful dandruff issues!! And bonus it doesn't have to be done everyday! He has thick coarse curly hair.

It also brought a bit of body and life back to my thin and flimsy hair!

I have also been known to use Castille soap and a bit of ACV.

The ACV does smell in the shower but I PROMISE it does not linger in your hair and have you smelling like pickles all day!

It's also super cheap!

When I have to use product for an event I just strip my hair afterwards with non-Ultra Dawn (found at Dollar Tree) and I'm good to go again with the no-poo!

Apartment Therapy Re-Nest | The "No-'Poo" MovementBlogging NPR
3/25/09 10:10 AM

http://www.thecompanystore.com/parent/Room Decor Personalized Wall Art Letters/5503/ZL33X/&cr_id=crossSells&cm_sp=Manual-_-2-_-Nantucket%20Bench%20and%20Cushion

Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh | Good Questions: Ideas to Make Room Cozy?
3/17/09 02:32 PM

I agree that you should paint. We just did a horizontal stripe at picture level of a contrasting color and it looks amazing! The stripe is about 2' wide.

I also agree that you should put the bed against the wall like a day bed, you could put a dresser or bookshelf at the end to keep it cozy.

The wall decals will be great with maybe some colorful pictures like the stool on the wall.

Also a guitar neck hanger to showcase that beautiful acoustic!!

We also decided to double up 2 colors of sheers for the window to keep privacy but allow light through. It definitely adds to the coziness. We initially wanted Roman Shades or a roller shade from Ikea but we have odd windows.

I can't wait to see the afters!!!

Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh | Good Questions: Ideas to Make Room Cozy?
3/17/09 02:19 PM

I recently recovered a chair with a valance that I loved. I found it on sale but it was too short for my windows. I laid it across the chair to think about things and when I looked down I knew what I would use it for.

I found the Eames style chair at Goodwill with a horrific flowered fabric on it.

Apartment Therapy Boston | What Untraditional Fabrics Do You Use?
3/17/09 09:48 AM