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Like the Indian man in the rug shop once said to me

'go without until you can afford something you truly love that is quality otherwise you are just contributing to the waste of the world'

So he didn't get a sale cause I couldn't afford the rug I really wanted and he knew that would happen but he believed in what he was saying. (I still don't have that rug, but I want it more than ever).

IKEA thinks it's doing the world a favour, but it's not! everything ends up in the tip after a few years, the steel is sub-par, the timber is not timber and the DIY instructions have broken up marriages I'm sure. Do yourself and the world a favour and buy quality second hand goods, the craftsmanship and materials are unmatched in todays 'made in China' market.

You really don't need anything other than a few kitchen basics, a mattress, a fridge and a towel.

And like my dad always said 'if you can't afford to pay cash for it, then you can't afford it!' Interest free terms are a one way ticket to dept city unless you are sensible and disciplined (but you're not are you ;)

Plus I totally agree with the above comment, if you've recently moved house you were probably cursing the day that you decided to expanding your belonging beyond the suitcase.

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8/5/10 04:00 AM

I moved away from my trainline (Coal train that is Arg!) apartment a few weeks ago to a granny flat under an old queenslander with a big tropical backyard and I feel so much better for it. And natural light BTW if you live in the southern hemisphere like myself, North facing is what you want, that will get the sun all day. A sence of security is also important, I have 4 blokes living above me and just hearing their footsteps makes me feel safe as a female who lives on her own. They also gave me the password to their internet too, that's also a bonus. As long as they know that I don't 'put out' for passwords ;)

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8/4/10 08:46 AM

Yes it's not an ideal situation.

But I visited my friend in Istanbul last year and her bed was right next to the toilet, just a little curtain separating the two (no door). And there was only one bed so we slept in the bed together, next to the toilet! Oh, and the shower was over the toilet, and the water would sometimes flow over near the bed. Lucky we're very good friends and rugged Aussies :)

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3/4/10 03:40 AM

I think it's a great idea to reinvent something, much better than it knocking down. Creativity is more important than ever with the financial and environmental problems that the world faces today.

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2/5/10 06:31 PM

Wow! That's great that you can do so much negotiating in the US. You try that in Australia and they would laugh at you. We have lots of laws to protect both parties but every inner city rental property has about 20 applications on it in the first day of advertising, so if it's not you, it's the next guy moving in. And you could never paint it, let along choose the colour!

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1/13/10 10:05 PM

I fall to sleep in my partners arms every night and we both sleep like babies, although it would probably explain my neck problem. I can't imagine that there would be much sex when you're sleeping in seperate rooms.

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9/28/09 06:33 AM

…if you have to ask :)
I once heard an interior designer say that a rug should be at a size where the couch can have 2 legs on a rug 2 legs off. Which makes sence cause the point of a rug is for warmth underfoot.

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5/29/09 01:33 AM

My suggestion – Loose the plants, loose the blinds. Take away ugly tile splash back. Paint cabinets white or a light neutral. Find an interesting tile (maybe in green) for the splashback. All of that would really freshen it up.

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5/28/09 02:48 AM

You mean USA doesn't have dual toilets in every home??? Everyone in Australia has one, and we flush our toilets just fine.

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3/17/09 06:51 AM