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Often I will spend about 5 times as long using a broom to clean my kitchen floor up because I just can't be bothered to take the vacuum cleaner out of the cupboard and to plug it in. Funny thing is that I actually love vacuuming (such a productive thing to do!!) and I even like washing the filter after vacuuming, just hate getting it out.
Putting my food shopping away is another thing.

Out Of Ice? Let's Just Move
7/1/13 12:45 PM

After some time copper will oxidize and turn green, some people like that rusty look. You can avoid it happening by preparing the pipes first as we did with our light fixture.. Sand it lightly with a very fine sandpaper (ideally automotive wet-or-dry sandpaper, made for cars), wipe it clean, then wipe it with white spirit to clean the surface of any fat that might be left there from your fingers, dry it and then spray twice with clear automotive spray varnish. Very easy, the whole thing didn't take us more than 10 min. And the copper is just as coppery after nearly a year. I have to say, the varnish does leave a bit of sheen though, so choose your spray varnish accordingly if you prefer a matte finish.

DIY Decor Trend: Copper
5/25/13 02:15 AM