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I love the way you used what look like pants hangers to display Kaitlynn's artwork. Where did you find such nice ones? Thanks!

My Play Room: Kaitlynn
Beavercreek, OH

7/27/11 06:46 PM

Don't know if you're a Costco member, but we used them to digitize old tapes and they did a great job.

Recommendations for Companies to Digitize Tapes and Film?
Good Questions

6/23/11 02:48 PM

They left out using binder clips to hold up stretched out pajama pants! (a little bumpy to sleep on though :-)

5 Brilliant Uses for Binder Clips
4/9/11 08:06 PM

I was just about to do a search for alternatives to birthday cake when I saw this! My daughter's pre-school requests no sugary desserts so I wanted to come up with a healthy alternative that's still fun to bring in for her birthday. This would be perfect.

Forget The Cake & Opt For Fruit Instead!
4/5/11 05:25 PM

When it came time to transition our daughter out of the crib, we also decided to try a mattress on the floor. To our great surprise, she hardly gets out of bed at all, unless it's to tell us she has to use the potty, or in the morning when she wakes up and comes to get us. Initially, she did roll out of bed frequently, but after we put a long body pillow on the floor next to the bed she stopped rolling out as much. (But I like the "noodle" idea too!)

My in-laws kept asking why we didn't put the bed onto a frame and get a bar. I think the mattress on the floor is a better solution for us right now for three reasons. One, I still have memories as a kid of waking up wedged uncomfortably between my mattress and those old ugly metal bars they used to make. Two, with the mattress on the floor our daughter can easily get in and out of bed herself without us having to put a step stool at the foot of the bed. She bumps into enough stuff, without having to negotiate stairs in the dark. Also, I think it's safer: in case she ever tries to jump on the bed, there's less far to fall. Finally, I don't have to spend extra money on a bar. (though the ones from Tambino are very cute.)

From Crib To Big Kid Bed: A Few Considerations
1/24/11 02:36 PM

Great shots! They really made me smile.

Creative Photography by Jason Lee
1/24/11 02:14 PM

This is great, but how are the doors pulled open? I don't see any doorknobs or pulls.

The Most Amazing Closet Doors We've Ever Seen
8/26/10 12:25 AM

I've had that exact dream of finding a huge room I never knew I had! And the entrance to it was under my stairs. This playhouse is wonderful.

Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh | Flowers (and a Playhouse) in the Attic
7/9/09 07:38 PM

I just saw the new Up and Up baby wipes at my Target last week. They still had some of the Target brand ones left so I compared the ingredient labels and they were exactly the same. The only difference is that the new Up and Up package contains less wipes. On a design note, I like that the new packaging looks less generic, but since Target clearly spent a bunch of time and money to redesign everything, I think the new packaging designs could have been even better.

Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh | Up Up Baby Food at Target
5/14/09 01:29 PM

I've got a question for MarvynAndMary about Flickr.
I know that if you have a free Flickr account, people can only download the "large" version of a picture, which is way smaller pixel-wise than the original. But I pay the yearly $25 for their Pro account, and thought that the "original" size my family can download is the same as my actual original. I was wondering if you could explain further about the image degradation you refer to. Is Flickr further compressing our photos?
I'm looking for an online backup service too, as I worry about having all my pictures in one place. Do you recommend iDrive over the rest of them or are they all roughly the same in your opinion? Do I have to worry about online backup services further compressing my image data? Thanks for your help!

Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh | Survey: Photo Storage
3/21/09 12:29 PM

When our baby was very little, we used the Summer Infant Deluxe Baby Bather, which is a foldable seat with two recline levels. First it fit perfectly in our kitchen sink. It was so convenient to wash our baby there, because standing up is much easier on the back then bending over a tub! And the seat folds up, dries quickly, and doesn't take up much room. But then we moved and the seat didn't fit in our new sink (it has multiple basins), so we began using it in the tub. When our gal turned about 8 months old, she began wiggling too much for the seat, so we got the Munchkin Inflatable Duck tub, which fits inside our tub. When you press the beak it quacks, and our daughter loves taking a bath now. It's also nice that we only have to fill up the duckie tub, not the whole tub, so it saves water too. And both of these products each cost about $15, so they don't break the bank.

Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh | Bathroom and Potty Training Must-Haves
3/16/09 11:34 AM