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You could make one yourself. We made one custom to fit the space in our daughter's room and it was fairly easy. Basic tools and a weekend was all it took.

Similar, But Smaller Bookcase?Good Questions | Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh
6/21/10 05:22 PM

we use a regular alarm clock and set the radio to come on when she can come out of her room and get us. She knows that if the radio isn't on, she's to stay quietly in her room until it does. She likes it because it's just like Mommy and Daddy's.

Sleeptrainer by Baby Zoo | Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh
1/13/10 11:01 AM

My daughter started spending a week to 10 days with her grandparents when she was 14 months old. When she was 2 she began going to the daycare sleepovers. And when she was 3, she had her first sleepover at a friends house which was honestly more for DH and I than for her. A good friend of mine offered to watch her overnight so we could have a date night (all our family lives 5 hours or more away). She has a daughter the same age as ours and they are good friends.

When Does the First Sleepover Happen? | Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh
1/11/10 02:33 PM

violetsrose - please read articles fully before posting. This article clearly states that the deaths were linked to drinking and drug use by the parents, more likely the cause than co sleeping itself.

from a non co-sleeping parent

Mom, Dad and Baby Live Happily in 380 Square FeetLA Times | Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh
11/17/09 10:11 AM

money is tight for us right now and space is tight as well in our little house. so my parents and my ILs are each paying for a session of lessons for my 3 1/2 year old daughter (gymnastics and swimming). They are both things she loves doing and are things we may have to cut out otherwise.

Give Experiences Ditch The Stuff And Things | Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh
11/17/09 10:01 AM

muwach - this hack could just as easily be done with any inexpensive particleboard bookcase purchased from walmart or target

Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh | Good Idea: Turn a Bookcase into a Front Facing Book Display
11/9/09 08:37 AM

while ms pea has every right to offer alternatives they are just that. She doesn't get to dictate where items SHOULD belong and I don't believe Maxwell ever said you HAVE to keep your keys and wallet by the door. In fact, on Monday he clearly stated that he keeps his in the bedroom.

I prefer to keep my bedroom for bedroom activities and it makes more sense in my life to keep my keys and purse by the front door since I only need them when I'm walking out the door. And if my ipod is only used outside the house why must it belong in the depths of my house?

Apartment Therapy Chicago | The Fall Cure: The Landing Strip Week 3 - Tips Tricks
10/30/09 12:10 PM

Another vote for books and the chunky ones work just fine. My DD is 3 and we still read the board books.

Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh | Good Questions: Gift for First Birthday at $20 or Less
6/22/09 02:39 PM

I have a 3 year old and keep 7 pillows on my bed. She will occasionally pull them off to make beds for her dollies but she also loves to help me make the bed in the morning. She gets to do the pillows on Daddy's side :)

Leigh Anne

Apartment Therapy New York | Shopping for Bedding Tips from Designer Bryant Keller
6/17/09 01:16 PM

I have my jewellry hung on the wall and I wear all of it more often now than when I had it stored away in a jewellry box.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Natalie Wood's Home: Organized Clutter
6/15/09 10:28 AM

we have just over 1000 sq ft for 2 adults and a toddler. It feels just right for us at this point. For just myself I could live comfortably in half this space.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Does Size Matter?
5/12/09 01:00 PM

rooty - the dresser is actually just a veneered pressboard so there was no need to strip it. I just sanded it lightly all over and used a special primer that the paint store said was meant for use on varnished items. I used a high gloss oil based paint also on their recommendation. I did two coats on everything except the top which needed 3 coats (partially due to the kitty prints left in coat #1. I rolled the paint and then ran a brush lightly over it to eliminate any bubbles. I did not sand in between and it looks very smooth but would probably feel smoother if I had done a light sanding in between coats.

Hope that helps, I'll gladly answer any more questions you might have.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | The Spring Cure: Sacred Space Week 7 - Show Tell
5/1/09 10:48 PM

My desk has a glass top and uses clear plastic suction cups to hold it in place.

Apartment Therapy New York | Good Questions: Making Nightstands from Stools
4/30/09 04:13 PM

bepsf - not sure where you are purchasing your groceries but mine certainly last longer than 5 days (except perhaps the tomato)

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Try It Out: Survivor Week!
4/29/09 02:53 PM

if you put a table in the corner and decide you don't want a dining table you could do a round games table or a bar height table for enjoying drinks when entertaining, might give the feeling of being on the outdoor balcony of a pub if the view is great.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Good Questions: How to Arrange Angled Living Room?
4/22/09 10:32 AM

FiatLex makes a very good point - also if you get a new computer you will need to copy it all over from the old one, not a major deal (as long as a bad hard drive isn't the reason for a new computer) but something you should be aware of, and also if you need to wipe and reload your computer you need to do the same thing.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Week 5: Getting Into The Thick Of It Tips Tricks
4/15/09 07:41 PM

firebird - maybe it's time to make your shopping list, including lots of details of what you are looking for and some price sourcing. That way you know what the bottom line is, what's a priority and what can wait, and what's a steal if you happen to see it.

Apartment Therapy New York | The Spring Cure: Retail Therapy Week 4 - Intro
4/8/09 09:24 AM

It's funny that you mention 5 minutes. I've been slaving away at a research proposal this week but still want to work on my entrance. So I pulled out the timer and have been spending 20 minutes on my paper. Then 5 minutes on the entrance and 5 minutes on fun stuff (usually interneting). Surprisingly enough the entrance is almost completely decluttered and cleaned from top to bottom, the paper is an hour or two away from being complete and I don't feel burnt out on either one.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | The Spring Cure: Landing Strip Week 3- Show And Tell
4/3/09 01:51 PM

Mrs. Mack - I have the same exact strategy when tackling dishes each night

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | The Spring Cure: Landing StripWeek 3 - Tips and Tricks
4/2/09 05:06 PM

bobbin - I have the same theory about rentals, if I know I'm going to be there a while I would rather have it the way I like it and worry about reversing when I leave!!

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Spring Cure 2009: Discussion Board I Toronto, ON
3/30/09 12:30 PM