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As someone who has gone through the expensive and stressful process of removing Asbestos from my house (Australia) I cannot for the life of me imagine why anyone would willingly install it in their home. Surely there's something else on the market you could use that's not a KNOWN carcinogen.

Safe to Install Vintage Tiles in My Home?
Good Questions

9/6/11 06:27 PM

Love your house and style :)

Cate's Sears Kit Home
4/5/11 11:32 PM

Hi spacedesign911, my husband cut the metal barrel with a hack saw to make it fit. I am fairly sure it's designed to be cut to whatever width you need. Either way it can be done :)

Thanks everyone for your kind words!

Catherine :)

Follow Up on Displaying an Original Trolley Scroll Intact | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
6/19/10 06:03 PM

I saw the apartment in the movie too and loved it! I agree it looked better on screen than it does in the photos.

On The Set: Sex And The City 2 | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
6/17/10 05:23 AM

Tacky... well... that might be a bit harsh but presumptuous - definitely! Not everybody puts the same value on a housewarming. I would never think of buying anyone anything more than a bunch of flowers/nice house plant and plate of food or a bottle of wine as a token of appreciation of the host's hospitality more than anything else. To be honest if I was invited to a housewarming and was notified of a registry I'd probably opt not to go. I'm Australian so perhaps we don't even place as much emphasis on this sort of thing?

Tacky or Tasteful? Registering For a Housewarming | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
5/11/10 05:02 PM

I have one which features destinations around where I live / grew up in Brisbane, Australia. It's an original and it was salvaged by my dad years ago who gave it to me. So it has sentimental value. My husband loves typography and trams so its a reflection of our history, interests and style. I posted on here last year about how I should display it. We only last weekend finished hanging it!

Are Vintage Transit Scrolls the New "Keep Calm"? | Apartment Therapy Chicago
5/5/10 05:11 PM

People this is a post from AUSTRALIA. There is no Craigs List in Autralia so it's most likely an ebay transaction or similar auction site!

Online Furniture Shopping Mistakes | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
4/9/10 05:06 PM

Like some of the others above I used ImageSpark for my style tray. Also, is great for coming up with a floor plan! Very useful in these early stages of the cure. I blogged about these and some other helpful online tools on my blog.

The Spring Cure 2010 Discussion Board | Apartment Therapy New York
3/24/10 06:09 AM

I've jumped headfirst into this cure and I'm loving it. I'm blogging my before shots / inspiration and progress reports over at

The Spring Cure 2010 Discussion Board | Apartment Therapy New York
3/21/10 05:49 AM

Another red culprit here. I nearly painted a red feature wall but then thought better of it. I did however have red rugs, napery, crockery, kitchen utensils, cushions etc. These days I'm into a much more neutral palette with a few splashes of colour here or there in accessories that I can easily change. I painted a duck egg blue feature wall in my bedroom and whilst I love the colour there are days I wish it was plain white like the rest of my house.

How Has Your Style Evolved? | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
3/3/10 07:05 AM


Hot or Not? Pet Bedroom | Apartment Therapy New York
1/12/10 08:45 AM

I am also behind. Reason being that we've decided to have 3 bedrooms and our study's floors sanded. It's all happening Monday so we've been frantically clearing those rooms of furniture. Our living areas are like furniture mazes! Consequently though we're culling superfluous stuff as we go which has been a good thing!

I look forward to creating new 'cured' spaces once the floors are done in those rooms.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Fall Cure 2009: Discussion Board Australia
10/31/09 05:48 AM

Last week:

* Listed some old clothes and furniture I wanted to get rid of on E-Bay and other forums. Sold a couple of pieces, will donate that which didn't sell to Charity.
* Designated an outbox area (it's a whole room and it's already filling up!)
*Contacted floor sander to finish the rooms in the house that haven't been done in the new style yet

This week:

*Continue to use the outbox and give as much away to charity as possible!
*Investigate buying a canvas big enough to stretch a huge piece of Marimekko fabric over it
*Get my vintage tram scroll on the roller blinds we bought from Ikea to hang it
*Keep reading my Domino home decorating book for inspiration. That book is SURPRISINGLY good and has similar elements to the Home Cure. They work well together :)
*Clean bathroom and bedroom thoroughly

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Fall Cure 2009: Discussion Board Australia
10/20/09 05:03 PM

Thanks JennyB for your post on 52 Suburbs a while ago. I've subscribed to that blog!

I'm so glad there are some people in this forum. Are you guys going to get right into putting photos on flickr etc?

And just out of interest, are any of you from the vogue forums? (I posted a while ago about wanting to do this on there).

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Fall Cure 2009: Discussion Board Australia
10/15/09 07:13 AM

I am so excited! Last time the cure was being done we were in the middle of a major renovation and weren't even living at home so I was limited in how much I could participate. This time round the structural stuff is all done and I need the motivation to put on the finishing touches like painting, hanging pictures and de cluttering so this will be GREAT. Hope there are some more Aussies out there to keep me company!

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Fall Cure 2009: Discussion Board Australia
10/9/09 06:53 PM

WOW thank you all very much for your responses! It was so exciting to check my email and not only find out that my Q had been posted but also see SO MUCH helpful advice! I'm going to talk over the options with my husband and when we do make a decision and get it up I'll report back. I think the 'back to basics' approach might be the best way of hanging it but I also like some of the other ideas people have posted (e.g. up the wall and onto the ceiling). Thanks so much everyone!


Apartment Therapy New York | Displaying an Original Trolley Scroll Intact? Good Questions
8/24/09 06:57 PM

I say stay away from Ikea. I can't get in and out of that place without making ridiculous impulse purchases! Or, if you need to purchase furniture, stay away from the market hall at the very least!

Apartment Therapy DC | How To: Arm Yourself Against Impulse Buys
8/20/09 08:23 AM

I got mine from a local bookstore - they ordered it in. It took about 2 weeks.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Spring Cure 2009: Discussion Board I Australia
3/22/09 06:29 AM

Your place sounds amazing plastolux - please post some pics when you're done!

We're in the middle of renovating the kitchen and bathroom of our house. So for me the cure will be more about putting the place back together in a way that works for us. I can't wait to get in there and have a big purge of junk and keep the bare essentials. I just wish the tradesman would be finished already!!!

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Spring Cure 2009: Discussion Board I Seattle
3/19/09 06:23 PM

Hello! I'm from Brisbane and I'm really keen to get started on the cure. We're currently renovating our little 1960s bunaglow style house so I thought the cure would be an ideal way to declutter before 'moving back in' so to speak. I've been an avid follower of AT and have read both books already but I haven't done the cure yet.


Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Spring Cure 2009: Discussion Board I Australia
3/18/09 06:02 PM