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I think it would look great painted white. But you need to be very careful to treat the knots before you paint it. The knots in the wood seap resin, and that can ruin the paint job. We painted a knotty wood dresser (orange looking knotty pine, which had been my husband's when he was younger) for our twins' nursery. It looked fantastic, but after about three years, I could see the knots starting to show through (and now, 4 years after painting, the knots are really obvious, unfortunately). And I did try to be careful - I bought this special knot sealant which I used on all the knots, then primed, then painted. So I'd say, go ask a good paint store for advice about how to do it correctly! It's sad to put in the effort and not have it last!

Painting Knotty Pine Furniture Good Questions | Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh#comments
6/9/10 02:49 PM

I wish I'd bought this instead of the plastic monstrosity of a kid's picnic table we bought last year!

Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh | Outdoor Table and Benches from KidKraft
7/2/09 11:51 AM

This tray makes the Trip-Trap look so much like the Svan high chair - might as well just buy a Svan to begin with! It comes with the tray, plus has a crotch bar which makes it much easier to use for younger babies -- I couldn't get my wriggly not-quite-one-year-olds to stay in a Trip-Trap, they just scooted their bums forward and off the seat. But with the Svan high chair, we had the tray with the crotch bar which kept the kids in place. Once they got a bit older, we took the tray away and now use them pushed up to the table.

Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh | Playtray for Stokke Tripp Trapp
6/22/09 05:23 PM

I think I hate this too! As a parent of twins, just looking at it makes me think 'no way, not ever!'. If space is really a problem, there are other ways around it - a lot of twins share a crib when they are really small, until 5 or 6 months old, and then you could use two smaller than standard size cribs (such things are available). There just seems like so much possibility of a baby falling out of that top crib, and like others have said the space looks very cramped and claustraphobic and peraps with poor air circulation. All of it screams 'bad idea' to me!

Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh | Two-Infant Bunkie
4/13/09 05:47 PM

Oh, I'm so glad to see this post! I have the Olivia set for my daughter's room, but I have the crib set. She is in a toddler bed, and we use the crib-sized quilt on the toddler bed, along with the striped fitted sheet. But I was stuck about what to do for a pillow case, because the crib set obviously does not come with a pillow case. I ended up sewing a pillow case for her, using the co-ordinating receiving blankets from the Olivia range. I think it turned out quite well. I also have the matching curtains.

But I had been wondering what I would do when she grows out of the toddler bed. I love the curtains, and I've decorated the room around the theme (chocolate brown and pale pink on the wall, cream accents, etc). Now, it looks like I'll be able to buy the twin set when she is ready to move into a bigger bed! (although she may have her own opinion by then, and might want something completely different!!).

As far as boy bedding goes, Dwell does do boy-oriented sets for Target. I have the Dwell Circles set in my son's room, and they had an animal themed one as well when I was looking (about 10 months ago). I love the modern look of the Circles set. It is the crib set that we have (crib sized quilt, fitted sheet, etc) and matching curtains, plus the wall stickers. In his room we are also using the crib sized quilt on a toddler bed, so again not sure what we'll do when he grows out of that! Maybe Dwell will do a twin-sized version of the Circles set too?

Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh | Dwell Olivia Comforter Set at Target
3/14/09 07:23 PM

to shofner: most cookers sold in europe have a cover like that. I thought it odd at first (you have to flip it up to cook, the underside gets splattered with cooking spills, etc. It takes a bit of getting used to), but as you say, it can create extra counter space when needed, so it turns out to be a great idea.

I love how the photos of this apartment for sale show a lot of personal touches and detail. It's odd that in America, the trend is to completely de-personify all spaces in order to sell a house/apartment. I find that all this careful 'staging' of a house just makes the house look sterile. However, I guess staging can be useful if your house is not as elegantly put together as that Swedish apartment!

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Kitchen Storage from a Swedish Apartment
3/13/09 10:34 PM

If you like this print, then you should check out the 'Circles' collection by Dwell at Target:

There are curtains, bedding, pillows, etc, and they have wall stickers which you can use to create your own little masterpiece on the wall. I have these in my son's bedroom, and it makes for a nice, slightly different boy's room (not the usual sport or rescue vehicle themes for boys, which can be very tiresome if you're not into that yourself). Could also be used for a girls room, as the colors are blue, green, brown, yellow, and red.

Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh | Good Questions: Identify this Artwork?
3/13/09 06:28 PM