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Always check RetailMeNot.com for online shopping codes and/or put the app on your smart phone to use the in store coupons! Also, when thrifting, focus on the shape of things- you can always spray paint something to cover up an ugly color or pattern!

Shopping Secrets: 7 Ways to Get the
Look for Less

5/21/14 04:55 PM

I also feel old thinking of the author reading Jane in middle school! I read Sassy in middle school! I have done this type of thing once, right after I watched the video version of The Secret. I'm pleased to report that everything I wanted really did come true! I don't think that the secret is any kind of magic involving God or the Universe- it's just about clearly identifying your goals so that they are fresh in mind and make you confident in yourself about going after what you want. If you believe you can do it, others will too. I was skeptical at first, but I do really think it works. :)

Do You Have a Vision Board?
7/3/13 12:08 PM

The two wedding magazines are awesome! I like that they have one featuring male couples and a another female. Those are the coolest weddings I've ever seen, and I'm just so happy that these are out.

IKEA Builds Flat-Pack Refugee Camps Design News 06.27.13
6/27/13 12:00 PM

I got some stuff from Paper Sparrow on Etsy. Andrea is awesome! (and affordable!)


15 Sources for Anthropomorphic Animal Art
6/21/13 03:05 PM

This site is about design for life and expressing personal style, as well as entertaining. Keeping that in mind, weddings are pretty design-y expressions of personal style, and probably the biggest party a person will ever plan. Don't read the articles that annoy you. Not every single thing on here can be all about you, every day.

Well Designed Wedding:15 Creative
Seating Arrangement Ideas

6/7/13 04:22 PM

I found glitter topcoat paint at girly me.com, but you could easily make it yourself much cheaper with superfine glitter and clear glaze paint. That would work a lot better than glue. It makes your color options endless, since it tops any wall color. I definitely want to paint an accent wall in my art studio eventually. It would be so magical with Christmas lights reflected off of it!

A Glitter Wall for A Kid's Room?
11/15/12 10:08 PM

I love this so much! I have a turquoise living room and orange lamps, and I always thought those colors look great together. This is particularly warm and inviting, and I love the glow of your lamps against the orange wall. I never would have thought of doing two toned walls, but with the chair rail, it looks clean and you don't have to decide which one to do! Great job!

Jo's "Bold Contrasts" Room Room for Color Contest
10/9/12 05:49 PM

Tigers don't have spots. Perhaps it should be cheetah brood?

Is It a Tiger? Is It a Giraffe? It's Dutch Crunch Bread (Tijgerbrood)!
8/14/12 11:52 PM

I like to use a plastic shoe box from the dollar store to put all of my sandwich fixins' in. It is so easy to pull the whole thing out and slide it back in in one swoop, rather than gathering up the mayo, half a tomato, head of lettuce, cheese and lunchmeat and making multiple trips to get it out and put it all away. My husband and I were just discussing starting a home salad bar- prechop all of our favorite salad toppings and put them into some kind of divided container to encourage easy, fast salad lunches. We are looking for the ideal type of container for this. I envision a big square tupperware type of thing divided into 9 sections in a grid. Anyone seen such a thing?

Guaranteed to Save You Money & Time:
Tips for Organizing Your Fridge

8/8/12 09:43 PM

The plywood is one thing, but the particle board is just terrible. I cringe thinking of the splinters that are bound to happen when you brush up against a wall. Eek. Plus, I don't think it is very attractive at all. Looks more like you're living in the middle of a construction zone!

In the Raw: The Strange Beauty of Plywood
8/8/12 07:03 PM

I think they look way better in the after picture. Antique wood is fine if that's your style, but it's always better to conform the furniture to the person's style, not the person to the furniture's style. Don't listen to the naysayers, your makeover is awesome!

Before & After: Vintage Bed Makeover
Fit for a Teen
My Old Country House

7/25/12 03:07 PM


Before & After: "Audree" Gets a Makeover The Fancy Farmgirl
6/29/12 05:13 PM

This is the other place that is a HUGE inspiration to me for funky spaces I'd like to model a business after: http://www.catalystranchevents.com/

Teahouse Studio: A Little Slice of Creative Community Heaven in Berkeley
6/28/12 10:37 AM

This is my dream! I wish I had some money to make it happen in Iowa!

Teahouse Studio: A Little Slice of Creative Community Heaven in Berkeley
6/28/12 10:32 AM

you could superglue a bunch of clothes pins in a grid onto a big piece of wood and hang it on the wall! or attach dowels or knobs in a grid to the wood to drape over, rather than clip the scarves up. easy to remove and put back each scarf, and it doubles as art!

How To Display Scarves? Good Questions
6/21/12 10:37 AM

To counteract all the people who love to comment about the types of articles that SHOULDN'T be on Apartment Therapy, I want to give you a major thumbs up for this one! This is the best kind of article- how to do cool things very cheaply. Very awesome!

Bang for a Buck: Dollar Store Tech Mods
6/20/12 05:27 PM

I went online to copy and paste the descriptions of my favorite chain restaurant (like Granite City, CPK, etc.) salads from their menus onto a spreadsheet that I keep in my purse for when I'm at the grocery store and need some inspiration. Basically the description of the ingredients in a salad is a recipe for it- you just have to figure out the dressing. So far, so good though! My all time favorite salad is the Asian Chicken Salad from Granite City- the beauty of it is the dual dressings- a cool creamy cucumber one tossed with the salad, and a zippy peanut sauce to drizzle over the top. Amazing!

Is There a Restaurant Salad You Long to Recreate at Home?
6/18/12 07:32 PM

I just got this amazing pink and green couch at goodwill last weekend. $25!

Pink and Green from Our Classifieds The AFTERNOON Scavenger: June 8, 2012
6/8/12 03:56 PM

I have an amazing vintage fan that is cool looking, completely silent, and most of all, built to last. It's being used in my bedroom every night. There is nothing wrong with choosing to have a little style. Some things might be cliches, but if they serve a function (even if the function is just that you love to look at it) then other people can mind their own business. Better that we have some accessories that are overplayed than just relying on buying a bed in a bag, or a complete room from a furniture store! It is possible that lots of people just happen to love similar things. It's how you work it into your personal aesthetic that makes it your own.

Propping: How Much Is Too Much? The New York Times
6/8/12 03:20 PM

It kind of reminds me of paintings by Ann Orlowski. She has some that are from the view of the plane, looking down at fields. And a lot of big sky and architechture. http://annorlowski.com/www.annorlowski.com/Home_-_Ann_Orlowski,_Art,.html

Where Can I Find This Art? Good Questions
6/7/12 02:35 PM