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Yikes! I just looked through all the photos, and even though I know that carpet and wallpaper can be removed, I feel like it's safe to say I would have not bought that house. Good work! Very much improved.

Before & After: Major Overhaul of a Moldy Bathroom
5/6/14 07:48 PM

@rachaelc1986- I'm obsessed with Bountiful Baskets! I'm a bit of an evangelist about it. There's enough produce for my two-person household that we only do every other week. It's completely changed the way we eat, having a mountain of produce. The early saturday pickup means that I'm up and out of bed anyway, so I come home, put on the coffee and just prep everything for easy eating later. I love the variety and the total brainlessness of just swooping up your produce and taking it home without trekking over an entire grocery. Now I run in and out of grocery stores with just my spices, pantry staples, dairy, eggs and protein.

How To Eat Well When You're Low on Cash Budget Living
5/6/14 07:37 PM

Dreamy! I'll be on the lookout for something similar now.

Before & After: A Vintage French Table Gets a Magnifique Makeover
4/24/14 11:48 AM

The floral shop I worked at used this technique, but we'd fill the vase with water first, dry any drops on the rim off, then tape it. We'd use a narrower kind of tape from a floral supplier, and much fewer strips. For something like this, maybe just once across each way, like crosshairs. Too much tape, and you can't fit everything in! If you did want to change the water each day, it's pretty simple to pour it off through the side, keeping a hold on anything that looks like it wants to fall out, and then fill back up again.

Make Your Flower Arrangements 10x Better With This One DIY Tip
4/24/14 11:45 AM

I'm shocked by the comments on here! The old kitchen was very standard issue, the new one is a stand-out. Those new cabinets are gorgeous, and I want the counters for myself. Clever swap with the door, lets in so much more light.

Kitchen Before & After: An Outdated Kitchen Gets a Rich, Warm Makeover Professional Kitchen Remodel
4/17/14 07:50 PM

The after is lovely! However, I'm newly obsessed with painting something that green color, too fun for summer. And were those little swoops brass handles on the before cupboards?

Before & After: From the 1960s to Today!
3/29/14 08:40 PM

Hello, gorgeous! The before has great lines and potential, but the after! Adore the chair it's paired with and I'm deeply envious of the newfound craigslist knobs, but would love the kooky ornate ones for a project of my own. Let me know if you put them up for sale @futristichuman. Kudos on a lovely project.

Before & After: Sabrina's From Damaged to Daring Modern Desk Makeover
3/25/14 02:54 AM

I've never considered wallpaper in a kitchen before. The idea of the last one (dead space above cabinets) I like the idea of wallpaper instead of baskets or ivy garland or whatever decorative nonsense gets piled on top of cabinets sometimes.

Do This Don't: Wallpaper in the Kitchen
2/14/14 07:43 PM

Gorgeous! I'd add a patterned squishy rug, and live there with my records.

Before & After: A Mini, Multi-Purpose Chill Room With Solid Shelves
1/27/14 02:04 PM

I just finished Quiet, and adored it! It was very comforting to me to know that I wasn't broken, and to stand up for the need to have more time and space "away" than other people.

Happier at Home: Top 5 Books for Homebodies
11/7/13 03:20 PM

Sexy roundup!

Holiday Home Trends: Matte Black & Shiny Gold Accessories for Under $25
11/7/13 02:59 PM

This is a much better alternative to the fussy bar cart i've been pondering online, lovely!

Cheap, Easy DIY Project: Stylish, Modern Bar Cart Hack for Under $40 Primer Magazine
11/7/13 02:58 PM

Yummy! What a fun piece, and I'm sure it will have a whole new life. It's very sexy-loungey-cocktail-party to me. Love it paired with that rustic table, but would be equally gorgeous with something glassy and brassy.

Before & After: I Spy A Reimagined Sofa
10/18/13 01:12 PM

My poor rental bath has a single bulb on the left side over a single plug and is tiled right up to the medicine cabinet on the other side! I'd dearly love an overhead light or a matched pair....(certain I've had "crooked" makeup light vs. dark side the whole time I've lived here)

Can You Spot What's Wrong with this Bathroom?
10/10/13 06:06 PM

I love the word "blandification." Does every kitchen need white cabinets and subway tile, granite counter tops and stainless appliances?

In Good Taste: Self-Expression and the Home Deborah Cohen
10/3/13 04:37 PM

I'd never considered this color for a room before, love it in these bathrooms! And that first wallpaper...ooh la la!

Paint Color Portfolio: Coral Bathrooms
9/26/13 04:34 PM

I've been doing this for ages, love this trick! Single servings of smoothies, and I can just drink it straight out of the jar! Perfect. Until reading these comments it'd never even occured to me that a mason jar would be unsafe on a blender.

The Mason Jar Blender Trick: Do You Know About This?
9/24/13 06:08 PM

Has apartment therapy mentioned the http://cuppow.com/ and their bnto?

Smart Accessories Make Classic Mason Jars Even More Useful
9/20/13 10:40 AM

Gah! I die. This is perfectly dreamy and with a few tweaks, wish this was MY bedroom.

Baby V's Pink Peony Nursery My Room
8/21/13 07:41 PM

I always feel badly that the "kids" posts, the ones with color and whimsy, are the ones I like best. I've considered 3 and 4 recently for a pop of color on my bedside table.

Illuminated: 10 Desk Lamps for Kids Back To School 2013
8/14/13 09:43 PM