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Here are my thoughts on the two biggest issues brought up in the comments regarding privacy and security.

Privacy: This is obviously personal preference and what each is comfortable with. I live in a row home in the city, with 4 steps up to my porch, and then you have the front door which pretty much opens up to my living room (we do have a small entry, but only 3 feet of wall defines it). Honestly, during the daytime it's almost impossible to see in through the window (which is about one third of the door), unless you walked up onto my porch. I also have a Pella storm door that is entirely glass and when it's nice, I often leave the front door open so it's just the storm door. When that's open, you can definitely see in, but you're also aware of that (so I limit my naked vacuuming :). If I want privacy I can close it and at night I have a nice blind that I simply pull down.

Security: It's funny how that is such a big concern, but it doesn't keep people from building houses with windows. As well as the window on the front door, I also have 2 large casement windows on the front of the house. All of the front windows are thick dual-glass, and the window on the door also has a windowpane. So if it comes down to it, it's probably easier to break in through the casement windows than it would be to break the glass in the door. But, more than likely, one of my neighbors would see which is probably why when I read about break-ins around the city, it tends to mostly be at the back of the house. Again, personal preference in regards to how comfortable and secure you feel, but the windows on the front of my house don't make me feel less "safe". I sort of feel if somebody really wants to break-in, they are going to figure out a way regardless.

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3/6/14 06:08 PM

@akay and @chellyt84 Thank you :)

Turn Your Photos Into Watercolors: Waterlogue
2/21/14 12:59 PM

@Mike_in_Hawaii I can say it definitely worked! Just started looking drab a few days ago (and now it's finally time to come down :)

Tips & Tricks: The Secret Behind This DIY Holiday Kissing Ball
2/3/14 06:20 PM

Reminds me of my first post I wrote for AT :)

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11/6/13 06:21 PM

@emjay23 Doesn't seem to be on sale but I could have missed it. Thanks, though! @Jennifer I. That is the closest I've seen to my dream bench. Thanks to you both for suggesting JCPenney, it never seems to be on my radar, but I'm going to check them out. Otherwise, I'm leaning towards the Andulucia.

Under $1000: Modern Benches
10/16/13 03:35 PM

@Parnassus, @claireny - I would LOVE to see pictures of your DIY benches if you have any!

Under $1000: Modern Benches
10/16/13 03:26 PM

Please do and add the link... I would love to see it!

Gardening Under the Stairs: Planted Risers
7/12/13 02:30 PM

Yup, I agree wholeheartedly! I also used to (and sometimes still do), exit the room when my S.O. and I would start into a heated argument. I'd escape to the garden to water, weed, or just chill. It never took more than 10 mins and I would always feel a million times calmer. It was vital then, when I lived in a much smaller quarters, but still does the trick these days!

Pull Weeds, Feel Happy! The Gardenist
7/11/13 03:46 PM

SarahSnow & therapyONdisplay: Thanks! I had no idea. Perhaps you've both inspired a post idea!

5 Simple Ideas for an Easy Outdoor Update
7/2/13 10:37 AM

@globaltastes - Thanks so much for the information and link. Surprisingly, I have never heard of MacKenzie-Childs and that urn is amazing! Some of the products are a little too bold or over-the-top for my taste, but I'm in love with the wrought iron collection! For the whimsical home (or garden gate) - that swing door knocker would be fun!

Garden Design Classics: The Urn
5/3/13 09:37 AM

happix2joix2 - The last picture is from a post talking about Williams Sonoma's Agrarian line, which is why it's included in the section on resources. You will find lots of gardening tools, supplies and kits (like chicken coops!), but they also have a section of products dedicated to vertical gardening.

The Best of Vertical Gardening: Inspiration, DIY, & Resources
4/19/13 09:58 AM

Love this post, Chris. So funny :)

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3/19/13 06:13 PM

Pretty room inspiration, Lindsay!

Tangerine & Gold: Living Room Lust
2/5/13 11:09 AM

Thanks everyone, for adding your own favorites gardens to visit! I will check them out and add them to my board :)

Garden Visit: The Cactarium at Moorten Botanical Garden My Back 40 (feet)
12/4/12 11:42 AM

lelizaparker - If you would like to see more photos, including one with the same shot as the "before", please take the time to view the original post (link is included above). The "after" picture shown was the best shot of the room in it's entirety.

Before & After: A Nautical Mudroom MakeoverCHATEAU & BUNGALOW
11/15/12 03:31 PM

Well put, Splitty!
Nobody is knocking wine, awesome hostess gift and as the second sentence stated, always welcome in my house. BUT, if you know your hostess, and their taste, there's no reason one can't get a little creative. Not all ideas are for everyone, but this isn't exactly a post about DIY knick-knacks. I can always use cloth napkins (b/c I don't buy paper towels), hand towels (ditto), and wood serving spoons or trivets for hot plates (or to set house plants on) are quite useful. Seed bombs for gardeners (awesome in my book) and I love bath products but don't always have extra $ to buy them for myself. So I really don't see how many of these ideas aren't useful and just "take up precious space". Cupcakes, yum. Real vanilla extract, also yum! Remember, we aren't all the same and not everybody drinks alcohol!

Simple & Thoughtful: 10 DIY Hostess
Gift Ideas

11/15/12 03:21 PM

Gillianne: There is a company in Oregon that does repair work on Danish furniture and I believe you can ship to them. Since they fold up and can be packed flat, shipping should be reasonable. Here is the website.

Good luck! - Kimber

Modern Classics: Hans Wegner's
Folding Chair

9/14/12 12:49 PM

KELLYSTOKES - The framed succulent "portraits" were found at a restaurant in LaJolla, unfortunately I don't remember the name, but it wasn't too far away from the Crab Catcher (great food and an AMAZING view). It was a little further away from the ocean, walking up the hill.

Succulent Gardening, California Style
6/12/12 04:24 PM

IHEARTMYTHO - You are absolutely correct! For anyone that's interested, I highly recommend the book, Hardy Succulents, by Gwen Moore Kelaidis.

Succulent Gardening, California Style
6/12/12 03:57 PM

Imperfect perfection... love it!

Before & After: Back Stoop To Garden Pacing the Panic Room
6/12/12 03:49 PM