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As an easier alternative, you could hang a large canvas or 2 on the end wall, painted with your horizontal stripes (or find large art pieces with a horizontal feel) , and also use 3 runners across the width of the table instead of your lengthwise runner. Both will make the room feel wider. And you can change them out whenever the mood strikes.

Tips for Painting Stripes in My Boring Dining Room? Good Questions
7/28/14 11:53 AM

LOL, my tiny bathroom opens off both the kitchen and the bedroom! I had a friend try to convince me that to deal with 2 doors opening into that small space I should curtain the doorways instead...fat chance. And at least the doors are solid wood. I just deal with it, and so do my guests.

How to Make the Most of Typical Rental Features: The Only Bathroom is Through the Bedroom
7/25/14 12:43 PM

A friend of mine recently moved out; left the place in good condition, and was told by then-owner that "soft spots" in the floors were their fault and their deposit would not be returned. The "soft spots" are the result of 30-year-old gypcrete finally failing (I bought the unit when it went on the market after my friend moved out) and it was NOT their fault. They didn't have the means or time to go to small claims court over $350, and they were definitely taken. Sad.

How To Definitely Get Your Deposit Back: 10 Things To Do Before You Move Out Renters Solutions
7/18/14 04:36 PM

Like Jackie Garwood, my only real fear is dying and having no one find my body for far too long. I appreciate that my sons believe I can take care of myself, but have suggested to them that checking with me at least weekly would go a long way toward allaying that fear.

I also have a pretty large and fierce-looking boxer, and do nothing to indicate that she's not really very fierce when strangers come to my door or work in my home. She is never told "no" when she barks at the door until I see who's there. That said, I also take reasonable precautions: a security door, alarms on vulnerable windows, and paying attention at all times an places.

Furniture slides are a godsend!

Otherwise, regarding #1, I have a friend who also lives alone, and we try to regularly alternate dinner together, with the "guest" taking home leftovers so we don't get bored by eating our own leftovers (we both sort of automatically cook for about 5 people). My freezer is usually pretty full, and I don't have to eat the same thing twice a day for 3 days. We also call each other when several days have gone by without being in touch. I also am HOA President, and have told our manager to call/check if he doesn't hear from me at least once a week.

5 Problems You Only Face While Living Alone (and How to Deal with Them)
7/15/14 02:30 PM

This is of common use in Oregon - but without the pennies. I used it pretty successfully in windows without screens when I lived on the coast.

How To Keep Flies Away Naturally
7/2/14 11:27 AM

Beautifully done...and not overdone.

Rena's Global Eclectic San Francisco Apartment House Tour
6/20/14 12:08 PM

Absolutely love it!

The Beautifully Strange World of Miranda Lake House Tour
6/19/14 01:24 PM

As a wedding officiant, I'd like to add that not responding to an RSVP causes big and expensive problems for the wedding couple, who have to give their caterer or reception venue a final number (which they pay for whether or not you show up) well in advance of the event. Then there's the embarrassment of having ceremony seating for 150 people with only 20 people showing up...and then often having many of the rest showing up only for the "party." Not to mention appropriate attire. I have officiated at more than 1 formal wedding where guests appeared in cutoff jeans, well-worn tee shirts, flip-flops, etc. It's disrespectful, and I have watched the couples involved lose some of the happiness that should be theirs on their wedding day because of such behavior.

Wedding Etiquette:
5 Rules to Keep and 5 to Toss

6/16/14 03:40 PM

That path is just gorgeous; the altered bricks fit so perfectly!

Laura's Backyard Renovation: The Home Stretch Renovation Diary
6/12/14 05:43 PM


Jessica's \"More is More\" Small Cool Contest
6/11/14 01:35 PM

I use Soft Scrub and a loofah. Works like a charm.

How To Clean a Glass Electric Stovetop Cleaning Lessons from The Kitchn
6/11/14 10:20 AM

I much prefer renting via VRBO. Granted I have never stayed in anything resembling a luxury hotel, but to me a hotel is a hotel, never a comfortable place to sit, always poorly lighted, noisy, and the cost is increased by having to eat out. I can stand that for one night, but no longer.

Hotel Escape vs. Living Like a Local: How Do You Travel?
6/9/14 11:03 AM

A vintage Corita Kent serigraph for a couple of bucks at a thrift store, worth up to $1,000. It was several years before I even realized what I had and did some research.

Tell Us: What's Your Best Bargain Find?
5/21/14 11:47 AM

This is SO my kind of space, and Kathie is SOO my kind of woman! It's beautiful with all the red; would love to see it when it's transformed.

Kathie's Bohemian Live/Work Space House Tour
5/6/14 03:31 PM

I know this is slightly off topic, but I often purchase candles in glass containers at TJ Maxx or Ross. Yesterday the candle I had burning exploded; luckily I was not in the room, but heard the "pop" and went to see. I had little (and large) glass shards within a radius of 4 ft. And it was all red hot. The candle was still burning and there was a LOT of liquid wax in the bottom 2/3 of the container. I'm presuming that the container was already cracked when I purchased it, but it could be that 2 wicks in a candle only 3.5 x 2" in surface area was just too much for the glass, so be careful!

Tips for Making the Most of Candles
4/7/14 08:27 PM

Bravo, this is an awesome home. As someone noted above, I also have to go back and study all the photos even more carefully than I already did. But I don't see hide nor hair of the noted "grain bins in the kitchen" and it makes me sad.

Mike's Cabinet of Curiosities House Tour
3/29/14 09:29 PM

I like this very much, and like this couple, started a mini-renovation by removing cabinet doors. I now have open shelving on either side of my stove, and have not yet installed my range hood, and I don't find I'm having to clean things before use unless I haven't used them for quite awhile. I clean the shelves themselves only about as often as I used to clean the closed cupboard shelves. I LOVE my open shelving. Not sure I would have books above the stove, but they're also above the hood, so it might not become a problem. And as several here have noted, they can always reinstall some or all of the cabinet doors if they find they need to. Nice warm-up.

Before & After: A Refreshed and Revamped Kitchen For $1000
3/22/14 08:41 PM

This is a sweet place! Off the subject, how does one get those little sheepskin rugs to stay on chairs? Mine just slide right off.

Sarah and Lou's Dream Rental A House in the Hills
3/21/14 03:46 PM

I faithfully tore out (really) old Jell-O ads from magazines, and tacked them up in a row on an oddly-shaped wall over my windows. Each was a depiction of an odd animal in a Jell-O flavor color. As an adult, I once wrote the company to see if they had prints I could buy, and the response I got was that they'd never heard of this ad campaign!

In my parents' room (in CA) there was a small print that said "Most any poor old fish can swim and drift along and dream, but it takes a regular live one to swim against the stream." Since we often napped in that room, I read it over and over and over, always thinking what it meant. Fast forward 40 years later, and I ran into that same print in a very similar frame in an antiques store in Denver. I have had it in my home ever since.

What Art Do You Remember from Your Childhood Bedroom?
3/21/14 03:42 PM

I love this home although my own style is much different. "Serenity now." But can someone please tell me how one keeps sheepskins ON the chairs? I have two I'd love to use, but they just slide right off.

Eva's Sense of Clarity House Tour
2/24/14 08:24 PM