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Agree that the tile won't be too awful with lots of white to counter-balance. I second the call for white walls, shower curtain, towels, and I like the idea for moroccan-ish accents, like a dark wood soap dish. Replace the sink op with a plain white one if you can.

I made a similar fix in our bathroom-- we have deep brown marble tile everywhere in our bathroom, and although it's actually quite beautiful my husband hated it. However, once we put up a white fabric shower curtain and hung some white towels, with bright green, yellow and dark wood accents (in a soap dish, a vase, and a painting), he decided he liked it!

How To Decorate Green Black Tiled Bathroom? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy Chicago
3/24/10 08:02 PM

This is so funny-- when I bought my newly re-done apt in 2007, I hated the boring light honey-ish wood cabinets and boring taupy granite on the island, and I longed for cherry cabinets with dark granite! I didn't have the cash (nor do I have the cash) for a complete overhaul, so I lived with it. Now the cherry option is looking so passe-trend to me, and my boring kitchen is looking much better by comparison-- although if I had the money I think I would go walnut for the cabinets.

Walnut, the trend of tomorrow?

Apartment Therapy DC | Dated Decor: What Trends Will Stand the Test of Time?
10/6/09 06:27 PM

I like it! There are a lot of shiny/mirrored surfaces in bathrooms anyway, so the mirror ball seems like a playful way to accent that.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Look! Disco in the Bathroom
6/9/08 02:45 PM

Yes, someone did some arithmetic wrong. 93 square meters is just over 1,000 square feet. I knew something was wrong as soon as I looked that the pictures!

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | AT Asia House Tour: Jerry & Catherine's Small Space Style
4/18/08 12:31 PM

Are radiators dry heat? I was under the impression that they released humidity as well as heat.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Look! Using Space Around A Radiator
4/4/08 11:49 AM

I visited India and Bangladesh in January, and the night air was *filled* with the smell of burning fireplaces, especially in Kolkata-- it was so bad that is was difficult to breathe outdoors. I know that we have many fewer fires here in California than in a developing country like India, but each and every fire leaves particulate matter in the air that contributes to smog and asthma. As much as I love a wood-burning fire, I agree that they should be regulated in urban areas where the woodsmoke adds to already poor air quality.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | No More Wood Burning Fireplaces In Parts of Southern California
3/10/08 10:01 AM

I take baths all the time. However, I tend to take them in winter when it's cold(er) here in California... which means I would be less likely to want to go outside! However, I go to a campsite every summer which has glorious redwood showers open on the top to the trees. Showering outdoors is pretty great.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | The Best Indoor/Outdoor Bathrooms
3/5/08 02:40 PM

I'm pretty sure I saw that desk the other day at a C & B store-- very nice! The piece is put together well and the drawer, which pulls out and has lots of little cubbies for post-its and paper clips, has a fold-down front so it can become a keyboard tray. Definitely a nice piece for people who have limited space and want a nice-looking surface (keyboard and mess-free) when they're not working. Plus I thought the price was reasonable.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Bungalow Office at Crate & Barrel
2/21/08 08:22 AM

I have a few thoughts:

Can the dining room table can be moved to the space in front of your open kitchen? Easier to serve to the table, and provides a screen to the business of the kitchen cabinets, etc.

There are a lot of diagonals in your room with the angled corners, and I think the couch angled compounds the problem. How about turning the whole sofa around so its back is parallel to the dining table and it faces the windowed wall? We have a similar layout (kitchen, dining, and living all in one space) and the couch back actually serves to break up the space into separate functional areas nicely. Your couch is pretty square so this should work.

Once the couch has been moved, you can move the TV to where the bookcase is (or the corner on the opposite side of the windows), and move the bookcase where the TV is.

Add a nice cozy conversation chair in the corner where the TV isn't. Put the lamp next to the chair.

As the previous poster mentioned, the desk is an issue. If the desk must go in the living area, I would recommend a smaller desk with a hutch that can be completely closed off and put it against the wall on the left in the first picture. I think this one is too big and bulky but you get the idea: 571.html

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | SF Good Questions: Help Me Arrange My Furniture
2/20/08 10:50 AM

It's funny, but I always like things to be a little off kilter... the only symmetry in my house right now is the four red placemats in a nice square on my dining room table. The table is also lined up with the buffet, but the kitchen island is offset from the whole arrangement which makes it bearable :-).

Apartment Therapy New York | Apartment Therapy On... Symmetry at Home
2/20/08 10:35 AM

I would like a large print, piece of art, or a mirror plus a tall and dramatic plant to one side (maybe a tall piece of lucky bamboo?) in a ceramic vase in a color that sets off the art work or the colors in your home. Also, a landing strip (a small box for keys) is a good idea.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | LA Good Questions: What to fill in this Entry Way Nook?
2/20/08 10:32 AM

I JUST got two new Container Store under bed clear rolling shoe boxes, and I LOVE them. I used to keep all my shoes in a big heap under my side of the bed (somehow they never made it back onto the precarious shoe rack in the closet), and it took me forever to find the matching pair that I wanted. Now I just roll out a box (one for shoes, one for boots), grab and go. It takes seconds. Assuming I spent 5 minutes looking for shoes every morning, I've discovered an extra 30 hours per year that I can use for other activities.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | What Lives Under Your Bed?
2/11/08 12:33 PM

It looks like a perfect bed... for DARTH VADER.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Hot or Not? HausScape Leather Bed
2/7/08 08:40 AM

I like them. I think they're nicely sculptural. The antler thing may be a just-past-its prime trend right now, but in five years this piece will just be kooky and fun.

(Full disclosure: I have a pair of dull bronze antler candalabras and I love them.)

Apartment Therapy New York | NY Good Questions: Where can I find Similar Faux Antlers?
1/31/08 11:58 AM

I say kitty on a grown-up day... most other days it's kitty-cattums, kitten-cat, or itsy-bitsy kitten boy (despite the fact that he's a 19 pounds and 11 years old)...

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | LA Good Questions: Do FLOR tiles shed?
1/31/08 10:18 AM

I just went to the Madeline Weinrib site and I am totally enamored of her flat-weave rugs.. but there are no sales outlets in Northern California! Anyone have any tips for me on how to source these rugs?

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Good Quotes: Krista Ewart
1/30/08 12:08 PM

It's counter-intuitive, I know, but in people in cities have a much smaller carbon footprint and pollute less than people living in the suburbs or in rural areas. I live in a city and walk to a grocery store-- my sister (an organic farmer, believe it or not) lives in the country and drives 20 minutes to get milk. And big apartment building are less intensive to heat and cool than single-family dwellings.

The world would be much less polluted overall if humans crammed together into cities to live and left the green spaces open and people-free.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Mini House Tour: A Santa Monica Apartment Goes Green
1/29/08 02:53 PM

I like the flowers but I think they would look more dramatic in a different container. Maybe a taller, narrower ceramic holder in a dark color?

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Good Questions: What do you put on a console table?
12/11/07 12:14 PM

I mean: Gluttony.

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12/5/07 03:24 PM


Apartment Therapy Chicago | Holiday Gift Bag: Win A Seven Deadly Sins Gift Set
12/5/07 03:23 PM