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I love this movie - I was actually just searching for vintage Endless Summer posters. I would love to own the album!

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7/9/09 06:25 PM

Wow...I really want these, but I hate seeing people part with their vinyl. There's something so sad about it. That said, if you're sure you're not going to regret this, I would happily give Elvis a good home (there's always only been one Elvis in my world, and that's Mr. Costello)

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6/25/09 02:42 PM

Add me to the list of ashamed Canadians. It's being mentioned that it is ridiculous for someone to be disgusted at the fur industry but still wear leather or eat meat. I think there's a difference here. Wearing fur is being touted as the environmentally friendly choice. While I don't agree with eating meat or supporting the cattle industry either, at least they aren't trying to portray themselves as 'green'.

Also - for the Canadian peeps - if you're disgusted by this campaign, you're probably also against Canada attempting to appeal the EU decission to ban seal products. Write a letter to the Gov.General's office. They are required to read each piece of mail recieved, maybe the voices of enough disgusted citizens will make a difference.

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5/7/09 01:50 AM

This is a great space - I love how open it feels! I'm really liking the floor lamp beside the couch - can you tell me where it came from?

Apartment Therapy New York | Small Cool 2009: EricMcFly's Constant Curating Tiny Division #04
4/2/09 03:49 PM

I have the same chairs as the first picture, except mine haven't been painted - they're still the old almond wood, caning, and bad seventies velour-like fabric seat. Do you think that the white-painted version looks good? I've been contemplating doing it but I'm worried that it will look a bit cheesy. Anyone have an opinion?

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3/11/09 07:07 PM