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I am young and getting a divorce currently. This man's process is totally a good thing. I understand the "end of a dream symbol" and the need to move forward from my heart. I don't know what I am gonna do with my dress, but I am thinking of turning it into a flapper style dress. Should I dye it too? :)

5 Ways To Reuse A Wedding Dress Around The Home | Apartment Therapy Chicago
5/24/10 08:36 PM

I am willing to bet their tree was dead, dying or disrupting their foundation if they removed it. That is an expensive process or a very dangerous pain for the owner if they do it themselves. My dad always removed our trees if they needed it and it is not fun.

What Type of House is This? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy Boston
12/9/09 08:19 PM

mhm -that is a good idea.

I think a track going along the wall or rods in the middle of the window-wall molding will be distracting. The molding showing between the curtains even sounds very appealing to me! People paint stripes and place chair rails even between windows. This is really the same concept.

Hang Curtains from Ceiling or Below Border? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy Chicago
12/9/09 07:49 PM

why not buy a recently built modern house and put a replica facade on the front if that is what you want? That way, no historic designs suffer. Modern or Victorian. Forget poor design and not connecting the front to the back. This is about history and heritage preservation.

Dramatic Noe Valley Renovation Dwell Magazine | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
11/19/09 11:34 PM

Oh yeah! and for the UK person, A DIY on this would be really easy! Give it a try, think cork board plus Scrapbook stickers or letter stencils with paint. You can just get a cheap clock and give it a new face.

Whatever Clock from Target | Apartment Therapy DC
11/15/09 03:12 AM

I like this clock. It reminds me of my husband and my little sis. Grammar makes me ill. :)

Whatever Clock from Target | Apartment Therapy DC
11/15/09 03:10 AM

This all looks pretty planned from purchase, expensive, and hardly wonky. Although, nice pics.

Apartment Therapy DC | Book Review: Speed Decorating by Jill Vegas
11/8/09 09:08 PM

wow you must be really really really! cold to say that after people have been discussing various health issues and children. I hope that someday, you are blessed with a child that reveals your selfish ways to yourself.

I just search for a solution to this problem because for the first time I am experiencing it myself. Best of luck.

Apartment Therapy New York | Good Questions: Smoking Neighbors?
10/28/09 01:49 AM

This is very pretty, it makes me think of my sister. Very comfy and inviting.

offtza. That last part was hilarious and so true.

Apartment Therapy New York | House Call: Priscilla's Eclectic Flat Valencia, Spain
5/9/09 02:41 AM

I think this room is pretty classic. It reflects historic fashions as well as current ones with the vanity and scalloped valences. also, I am the type to say "use fine china every day and if it breaks who cares? it's only stuff" formal rooms can't scare me away from using them!

Apartment Therapy DC | Inspiration: Serene Bedroom from 2008 DC Design House
3/17/09 02:11 PM

and I just wanted to point out, Tiffany's owns that exact shade of blue, really they do. and although we are allowed to be close, no one outside of the company can use Tiffany Blue.

Apartment Therapy Boston | Color Inspiration: Robin's Egg Blue
3/13/09 02:57 PM

I painted a chair for my white desk this color when I moved into my current apartment. I love it with the reds too. The bright reds and yellows kind of make a funky Marie Antoinette like setting when you use the right patterns.

Apartment Therapy Boston | Color Inspiration: Robin's Egg Blue
3/13/09 02:56 PM

this is definitely an interesting version of the "small" towns list! :)
anyone looking for a hopping little town full of art and culture with a lot of diversity and youth, try Salida, Colorado. You can't miss it with all of the color and art everywhere!

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Top 20 Small Towns in the West Sunset Magazine
3/12/09 11:51 PM

Texas cities hold their southern charm in their difference from larger cities. NYC is a cool place, but Texas has its own thing. I grew up in Houston and thankfully now live in a smaller Texas town with a beautiful historic district that is protected from all the development junk of a large city.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Look: King William Historical Neighborhood San Antonio
3/11/09 12:19 AM