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Kensington mews, what's not to love?!! But a very beautiful job done by Tyler and Lolly.

Tyler & Lolly's Modern Mews in London House Tour
12/1/13 10:18 AM

Great place with an excellent story behind it!

Jevon's Transformed Condo House Tour
12/1/13 10:13 AM


Before & After: A Washed-Up Wingback Gets a Fresh Start
10/25/13 03:58 PM

That would only be considered a small fridge in the US... here in Europe it's a normal sized fridge.

Compact Solutions: 10 Home Appliances for Small Space Renters
10/9/13 06:06 AM

Wonderful... this made me so happy!

Before & After: A Kent Coffey Rescue Mission
10/8/13 11:22 AM

Just lovely, so stylish and cosy. Hope you get to enjoy it for many many years. Amsterdam is just the coolest place ever.

Penny's Lovely Floating Amsterdam Abode House Tour
10/6/13 11:33 AM

Stunner! I love how you positioned the fabric... clever girl!!!

Before & After: Kate Crushes Her Chair Makeover
9/24/13 02:53 PM

Wow, fantastic. Money well invested!!

Before & After: John's Craigslist Miracle
8/28/13 02:05 PM

Wonderful! Very sensitively done.

Before & After: An Antique Settee Goes Greek Key
8/15/13 11:25 AM

The pillow is from Orla Kiely.

One Project, Five Ways: Hanging Planters
7/11/13 10:27 AM

Excellent usage of the space with the murphy-bed. Also love the artwork- great little place, well done! The standard certainly is much higher than in previous years!

Garrett's Everything Every Day Small Cool Contest
5/23/13 03:15 PM


Before & After: DIY Herringbone Dresser Henry Happened
4/9/13 07:50 PM

Hmm, bit of a lost opportunity isn't it?!

Before & After: Cristin's Mod Podge
Buffet Makeover

4/9/13 07:48 PM

Seriously? At least the lights will be off most of the time in that room.

Before & After: A Pillowy Soft Media Room Makeover Reddit
4/4/13 04:01 PM


Before & After: An Estate Sale Chair, Revisited
3/19/13 06:58 PM

Normally I always hope that people don't paint over wood- but this looks way better painted in my eyes. So, well done!

Before & After: A Beautiful Vintage Dresser Gets a New Look natty by design
2/28/13 06:19 AM

Magoo... Good idea, maybe I can bring peace about by switching a few countries ;-)

Make Your Own Before & After
2/19/13 04:44 PM

Why would you want to paint a globe? Defeats the whole point in having one.

Make Your Own Before & After
2/18/13 04:48 PM

The Togo is the Shar-Pei of sofas and a real treasure. My brown corduroy one dates from the late 70s and is pretty tatty, but I could never part with it.
Worth saving up for!

What's this Popular Pillowy Sofa Called? Good Questions
2/11/13 04:40 PM

This is certainly something different for AT... I love the TV room and the lamp over the kitchen table, and the bathrooms.

And the purple painting!!!
Thanks for sharing!

Kris' Comfortably Glamorous Home House Tour
2/8/13 12:47 PM