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oh WOW I am glad I saw this because I have one of these that I use almost daily, I'm a vegetarian and I eat roasted vegetables of some variety pretty much every night for dinner..

...and I was thinking about TOSSING IT because it's so freaking dirty. Thanks for stopping me from making a big mistake!

Tip: For Better Roasted Vegetables, Use Your Ugliest Baking Sheet Tips From The Kitchn
1/22/14 01:12 PM

I really like this recipe and am excited to try it - did you find that pulpiness was a problem?

Recipe: Sunshine Smoothie with Coconut, Clementine and Turmeric Recipes from The Kitchn
1/22/14 01:03 PM

Is the cortisol spike time the same for everyone, regardless of when you wake up?

I ask because some days, I make myself one cup of coffee at home to enjoy while I get ready around 7:30ish. Other days, I wait until I get to work at 9:30ish. I usually feel MUCH more on my game the days I drink a cup early in the morning, which is pretty contrary to this article. Maybe my circadian rhythm are marching to the beat of their own drummer...

Why You Should Have Your First Cup of Coffee a Little Later in the Morning Food Science
1/14/14 01:06 PM

This is absolutely divine and seems like a good recipe to play around with - it could easily be made vegan since it doesn't include eggs - or it seems like you could add some canned pumpkin for a wonderful autumn flavor. Thank you so much sharing!!

Recipe: Old-Fashioned Chocolate Cobbler Recipes from The Kitchn
9/23/13 12:37 PM

Think about using it in a cream sauce with something savory, like this:

What Can I Make With White Chocolate Chips? Good Questions
12/3/12 01:05 PM

This is a really interesting post - I am looking for new things to have for breakfast. I'm usually a smoothie person, but in the cold winter months I find it hard to chug down an icy beverage.
My question is - if you put an egg on it, does that automatically make it a "breakfast" item? This post seems to suggest so...

From Pasta to Baked Potatoes: 10 Deliciously Unexpected Breakfast Recipes
10/24/12 07:28 PM

I can't wait to make this! Going to try a vegan version of the dumplings though. Thank you!

Wholesome Recipe: Roasted Vegetable Soup with Herb Dumplings Recipes from The Kitchn
10/17/12 12:08 PM

I love busts! Especially when you add it to a super modern room for some serious contrast.

5 Traditional Wall Decor Staples That Work In Any Setting
9/18/12 12:52 PM

That price tag $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$


Doug's Glam Triplex in Union Square House Tour
9/12/12 05:53 PM

Nail on the head @JMCCOURT. Whether or not the meat-eaters "approve" of this idea, there is a market for this kind of product in the grocery stores, and I SINCERELY doubt all the naysayers commenting on this thread are seriously just eating all organic whole fruits, veggies, and "free-range" meats, making their own salad dressing and condiments, and feeling totally satisfied at the end of every meal. Please.

Twitter Co-Founders Betting Big on Beyond Meat, a New Vegan Meat Substitute Food News
6/15/12 12:55 PM

Thank you for covering this, I feel like this is a big misnomer and linoleum is actually a lovely flooring choice.

All About: Real Linoleum Flooring Kitchen Flooring Spotlight
5/31/12 02:13 PM

I CANNOT BELIEVE so many people are mentioning drinking beer from a tap at a bad bar. @akdetrick, @lorenkurp, and Maureen have all got there heads on straight - a real dive bar doesn't clean their taps often enough and it WILL affect the taste (not to mention ew factor) of the beer you order. Literally ANYTHING else in the bar will be a better choice.

What Drink Do You Order at a Bad Bar?
25 Food Writers Share Their Safety Drinks

5/10/12 12:46 PM

Ugh. This whole essay contest is the most annoying, pretentious thing I have seen in a long time. These people just want to ease their guilty conscience about eating meat by making fluffy arguments about it. At the end of the day, a person is either okay with the idea of eating an animal or they aren't. You could offer me a plate of beef that had been killed in the most human, loving, 'painless' way and I still wouldn't eat it. Why? Because I don't like the idea of eating animals, and that's MY personal decision.

The Ethics of Eating Meat Contest: The NYT Announces the Winning Essay
5/3/12 12:36 PM

Every time I tell someone that garlic is my go-to cold remedy (after warm salt water gargle) I get the STRANGEST looks, so any press and scientific back-up this method can get is welcome!

Who Knew? Garlic May Have Antibiotic Properties
5/2/12 01:53 PM

I love truffle oil dizzled on almost anything, carbs in particular. I've also had it on scallops and it really added depth to their flavor.

What Ingredients Would Go Well with White Truffle Oil?Good Questions
4/11/12 12:25 PM

I think this is a nice collection of recipes, and while every dinner party brings it's own challenges (many of my friends will say they eat "anything," but are actually the pickiest eaters in the world), I think these recipes address the more common dietary restrictions. Very good.

The Most Difficult Dinner Guest Ever: And 5 Delicious Meals To Feed Them
4/11/12 12:20 PM

I know it sounds crazy but...Hummus! This is a great vegan trick. Mustard is a good one too.

Ideas for Breading That Doesn't Use Eggs?Recipe Questions
3/20/12 12:46 PM

I love them in clusters like you've shown! Timeless!

Vintage Globe Decor: Trend or Timeless?
2/16/12 12:11 PM

This is awesome, love it! Thank you!

Recipe: Crispy Pan-Fried Beans with Wilted Greens
1/6/12 01:03 PM

These are fantastic ideas...but you left off my favorite, Quinoa pasta!! That stuff is AMAZING. I don't have a problem with gluten and I would choose it over regular pasta anytime.

No Noodles: 6 Gluten-Free Ways to Eat Pasta Sauce
10/14/11 12:14 PM