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I have a dressing room and now most of the mess is there :/ but buying a shoerack was a good idea.
And even if I love my cat she is rarely allowed to enter my bedroom.

5 Steps to a Permanently Cleaner Bedroom
1/9/14 04:22 PM

I love dark bedrooms!

Tricia's \"Cozy Plum\" Room Room for Color Contest
9/26/13 05:18 AM

My living room has the same color scheme (more green, less purple). Couldn't help but vote for you :)

Magali's \"Confetti Pop\" Room room for color contest
9/10/13 11:57 AM

I wish my partner put the toilet paper in the holder, no matter if it is the right way or not :D

Apartment Therapy New York | Can Toilet Paper be Backwards? AT Survey
3/19/09 05:22 AM

I didn't vote, but must admit that if I did, I would have said 70s...

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Guess the Decade: Compact Kitchen - The Answer
3/12/09 05:36 AM

It doesn't make me feel like cooking at all... Italian are usually fond of warm and luxurious kitchen, whereas this one is more like a dentist's cabinet.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Hot or Not? Strato Flex 1 Minimalist Kitchen
3/11/09 11:33 AM