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Beautiful cake! We also avoided sugar with my son, but only until he was four, when he could have a little 'treat' on weekends, i.e. a carrot muffin, or something like that. We didn't even do honey on oatmeal, fresh fruit only. Now that he's five and allowed a few treats during the week, made wholesomely ( we even got him natural lollipops for his stocking last year, as he was begging for some that had no 'chemicals..' ) he goes absolutely nutso for them. Though we have no packaged food in our house, and keep no sweets on hand, he drools over pictures in magazines and talks incessantly about cake and ice cream! So I'm thinking a little de-mystifying is in order, or it might be like War of the Roses... Yikes.

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A Birthday Story about Loosening My Grip

10/6/11 01:05 PM

Totally amazing - a dream home for kids and adults alike, you must be so proud!

Did you reupholster your sofa? If so, what is that fabric..? I love it, and all the rest.

Back To The Old House With The Smiths
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4/29/11 06:24 PM

My god, that photo of him on the chair is insanely sweet...

Gavin's Winning Woodsy Nursery
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2/18/11 08:14 PM

Great idea, but wouldn't a product like this off-gas terribly?

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3/10/09 05:52 AM