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I just love outdoor kitchens. I built this for one of my customers. http://d-dsouza.blogspot.ca/2011/08/living-space-outdoor-kitchen.html

Small Outdoor Kitchens
5/17/12 07:54 AM

I cut my own numbers in 2010. They are 11 inches high and easily visible from way across the street. More importantly. They look cool!!!!


DIY Ideas: Creative House Numbers
4/14/12 08:21 AM

I just built a Front Porch for a customer this Summer and installed LED's on the stair. Here's some pics of the build. You will have to scroll all the way to the end for the dusk shots.

Add a Little Light to Every Step You Take
9/17/11 08:24 PM

I want that Tackle Block chandelier!!!

Traditional Southwestern Prints in Modern Rooms
6/6/11 08:06 PM

I made this 'Solitaire Table' in 2007. I have since stained it.


5 Good-Looking Games

4/14/11 10:00 PM

I woe up to a burning smell around 1 AM in the morning. I usually run the dishwasher just before hitting the bed.

I finally identified the problem. A wooden spoon had fallen on the element and was burning through.

Not good, but a lesson well learned.

Fire Safety Tip: Don't Leave Your Dishwasher Unattended
12/8/10 05:48 PM

Hi Louisa, I recently helped my aunt and her husband install Trafficmaster Allure flooring in their basement. They are in their sixties and they completed the install all by themselves after I showed them how the first few go down. The flooring was laid on top of DriCore panels. It's been a couple of months now and the floor still looks very good with no signs of wear. In my opinion, the look and feel is closer to hardwood than the laminate flooring that I had installed in my basement. Additionally, by nature of it being vinyl, it makes for a waterproof floor. Perfect for the kitchen.

Opinions & Reviews of TrafficMaster Allure Tiles?
Good Questions

10/22/10 10:27 PM

I got my wife a "Gerstner International" to use as a Jewelery box. I almost did not give it to her when it arrived home....

Storing Hiding Your Tools
Inside Man

8/27/10 12:35 PM

Hi Lazy Lurker. Thanks. The numbers did not really cost me anything save for the can of spray paint and the standoffs. The ply was from remnants.

House Digits to Define Your Façade
8/12/10 11:11 PM

I only recently upgraded the numbers on the front of my house. They stand 10.5" tall and are 3/4" deep.


House Digits to Define Your Façade
8/11/10 09:38 PM

I just finished ripping my 600 CDs into 320 kbps mp3 files. Took a long time.... For me, more important than the actual ripping was the playback. The music sits in a 1 TB NAS and on the main level of the house, I've shoehorned a squeezebox player along with powered speakers into an old tube radio that was beyond repair. You can see the unit in action here. http://bit.ly/aZO7yA. On the lower level where we have the TV and my bigger sound system, I went with something a little more complex. I've mounted a monitor into an old Turntable I got from the Goodwill store. This gives me the front end for Album Player (www.albumplayer.com) and it looks great next to my fully functional turntable. For now, I use a cordless mouse to make the selections. I hope to upgrade to a touchscreen when resources allow. The PC that runs the monitor, outputs though optical to my Pre-Amp. Turntable build is here. http://bit.ly/9gBHWS

Ripping Through a CD Collection | Apartment Therapy Unplggd
3/25/10 09:31 AM

I redid our 'pantry' using IKEA kitchen cabinets. It isn't really a pantry in the true sense of the word. But it does look better than the open shelving that was there originally.

The Kitchen Pantry: A Brief History | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
3/23/10 03:48 PM

Apart from poorly taken photographs, I find Craigslist limiting in the size of the pictures that they allow you to post in the listing. After having spent the time to take great photos, there is a workaround to get higher resolution pictures into your craigslist listing. You would need to host your pictures on Flickr first and then copy the picture's URL and paste it into the listing.
This is a listing that I did for my wife. I used the medium setting, but you could use any setting offered.

Here is the posting - http://toronto.en.craigslist.ca/bra/art/1605163751.html

How To Sell Your Stuff on Craigslist Through Photos Home Hacks | Apartment Therapy Unplggd
2/24/10 07:26 PM

If anyone is handy with a screwdriver, and has access to some old hard disk drives, you could harvest the super strong neodymium magnets. I've collected a few and they are strong enough to hold up some of the heavier hand tools in my shed.

Good Finds: Matarile by Tomàs Bedós | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
2/17/10 09:38 PM

The Beatles probably did not make the cut because they were honored with their own stamp set in 2007. I managed to get hold of the First Day Cover in Canada when the Royal Mail had sold out their entire offering.

I'm not a 'stamp collector', but have collected a few of the Belgium Post, USPS and Royal Mail's offering to use as art.

Here is a picture of the Beatles stamps.


And here's another of my favorites titled design classics


British Album Covers Stamps | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
12/5/09 07:57 AM

We scored ourselves a pair of male mannequin heads at a local Flea Market. I had been looking for these for the longest time to hold my headphones. We got ours in a retro orange. However once they were in the house, my wife would not allow my headphones to go near those heads.... I don't understand. They're Beyerdynamic - They're expensive!!!

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Blue Glass
10/21/09 08:15 AM

I got my wife a Precision Tool Chest that she uses to store her Jewelery.

Have a look here


Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | 3 Unconventional Jewelry Storage Ideas
10/13/09 08:36 PM

After working for 15 years in the marine repair business, I tried to get my hands on nautical charts of all the ports that I worked in or visited. The only drawback is the cost factor as these charts can be expensive. However as these charts tend to be constantly Look for outdated charts at a lower price as these charts are constantly updated to reflect changing coastlines, draft etc.

We may soon see the end of nautical charts as more ships are updated with digital navigational aids.....

Apartment Therapy DC | Sourced: Nautical Charts for Wall Art
9/8/09 03:37 PM

Hello. I had the same dilemma this Christmas. We were to have my cousins and their partners over for a Christmas dinner but our current dining table only seats 6. Using the existing feet, I bought 3 lengths of 2 x 12 x 12' SPF from the 'Depot' and made a 12' x 36" table that suited our purpose perfectly. You can see some of the construction pictures here http://whathanasius.blogspot.com/2009/01/pimp-my-dining-table.html

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Inspiration: Sew Your Own Table
7/21/09 05:45 PM

Hi. I've lived in Toronto and have never succumbed to Cable. I used to watch analogue TV until this year when I bought the converter box and a roof top mast mounted antenna. The reception is amazing with little or no dropouts. I'd say that the best way to go is the roof top antenna and if possible, an 8 bay Channel Master unit.

Basic Cable is a scam. They should be offering the Free Channels at no cost and upsell to specialty channels. However people do tend to take the path of least resistance.....

For those in Toronto and the GTA, I've done a post on how I achieved this at http://whathanasius.blogspot.com/2009/02/free-ota-hdtv.html

Apartment Therapy Unplugged | Re(al)view: RCA's Digital AntennaSay no to cable scare tactics
5/1/09 06:56 AM