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Do not buy your plants at Ikea or Target!!!! They may be cheap, but AT should really be emphasizing the value of buying local. We are talking about filling our homes with goods and goods and goods, and its all from the same five or six stores that exist throughout the country. Personally, I do not find this a signifier of a grown-up home because it lacks personality and an attention to important issues at hand in our global, national and local communities. At the very least, buy your PLANTS at a local nursery. For goodness sakes!

Apartment Therapy Boston | 10 Tips: A Grown-Up Home (For Less!)
8/20/09 11:27 AM

yes, train our immune systems not to serve a purpose....bah!

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7/24/09 02:30 PM

the dark paint neglects to highlight all of the baroquish charm of the woodwork. and I have to say that groovy fabric just does not hit my mark. a nice chair, but a very questionable color transformation.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Before and After: Alyssa's Silver Baroque Chair Makeover
5/8/09 06:53 PM

a nice rich tan with bold, thick white accents

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Good Questions: Making the Room Work With New Pieces?
5/7/09 12:50 PM

ugh! let's give ourselves one more reason to leave the shower on a little too long... this is embarrassing. bad robot! bad designers! bad bad bad!

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3/24/09 07:41 PM