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Put narrow console behind sofa against wall and add 2 matching colorful lamps. Try a couple of small, rounded edge ottomans like these


Drapes would help soften the room too. Plus you need some side tables that help anchor the room--right now everything is off the ground making it feel a little cold. Good luck!

Tracy @ dailydecorator.com

How To Inject Color Into Living Room?
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5/19/11 08:43 AM

There is not much room for clearance so I would paint/stain the concrete a darker color, put out a nice outdoor mat and fix up the area around it with large potted evergreens. ~Tracy

How To Decorate A Stoop?
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5/3/11 09:18 AM

Love the marble top table in pic 1! I could happily eat breakfast there!


Making the Most of Your Space: Nooks I'm Going Nuts For
4/27/11 12:29 PM

The chevron art is my favorite!

Tracy @

Erica's Contemporary Rogers Park Loft
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4/25/11 11:40 PM

In ♥ with the houndstooth patterned floor in pic#2! ~Tracy@dailydecorator.com

Dana's Painted & Patterned Home
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3/28/11 08:09 PM

I would shy away from a dark paint color. The dark wood of the bed already darkens the room. I agree the green walls don't work. If you want to stay in the green family, try Benjamin Moore's silver sage. In any case, go for a soft color--nothing bold and white bedding to help lighten the look of your large bed. If you want gray in the room I also like the idea of wall to wall curtains and they can be a light gray. Good luck!

Tracy @

How To Style A Grandiose Bed?
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1/31/11 09:22 AM

My suggestion is to use standard white subway tiles instead of a 4" marble backsplash. It's very affordable, will never go out of style and will match both your countertop choices. Don't do just a 4" backsplash. Tile all the way up to the bottom of your upper cabinets. Keep things consistent and do a backsplash over every counter. Good Luck!

Tracy @

Backsplash Suggestion For Remodeled Kitchen?
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1/28/11 06:21 PM

Your room needs a little pattern. Maybe make your bed wall more of a focal wall with a great modern wallpaper. Hang a pendant light next to bed so that you can replace the 1 end table with 2 smaller pedestal tables to give you a little more balance.

Maybe try some dark purple accents to compliment the soft green duvet. Add layers and I would upholster the 2 chairs to make them more functional.

Do you really think the TV is romantic? I'm a no TV in the bedroom person but, if you must, never put a TV in front of a window. I would find a less prominent place for it. Good luck.

Tracy @

Help Me Create a Modern & Romantic Bedroom?
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12/14/10 10:01 AM

I just did an online room makeover with black & white striped curtains that would look great in your space too. If you're new to pattern, start with a variety of patterned pillows with coordinating colors for your room (teal, red, lime green. Etsy is a great source for pillow covers.

~Tracy @http://www.dailydecorator.com

What Type of Pattern Can I Add to Studio Decor?
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10/27/10 12:32 PM

If you can't replace countertop you can paint it. Then you can pick a color of your choice. I agree to get rid of the pass through and replace with simple shelves and the wavy decorative trim has to go. Finish with a tile backsplash.

Color & Decor Ideas for Kitchen with Pass Through?
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10/20/10 10:21 AM

Buy another curtain panel (or similar fabric) in a bold color or in black. Cut out the middle section of your original curtains horizontally (maybe 12 - 15 inches) and add a horizontal stripe of your bold color. Reattach the bottom section of your original curtains w/hems and you have a custom look!

Ideas for Customizing Store Bought Curtain Panels?
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10/7/10 09:08 AM

Here are a couple to check out from Overstock.




If you can find a teal and white pattern duvet that would look great too.

Duvet Cover Suggestions for Earthy Green Bedroom?
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9/30/10 10:04 AM

Classy home for a classy guy! ~Tracy

Tommy Smythe's Master Vignettes
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9/15/10 10:26 AM

One suggestion is to purchase another chair and have the 2 matching chairs face the couch for conversation. Not sure that wall should be accented with a different color. An oversized mirror leaning up against the blank wall with a larger rug on floor should make the room look a lot better. The main thing is to add your personality into that room with accessories. Right now it looks like a display from a furniture store. Let me know if you need more help. ~Tracy @ daily decorator

Help with Living Room "Design Dead Ends"?
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9/8/10 11:20 AM

Modern white chairs at an old farmhouse table is my favorite look!

Contemporary Chairs at Traditional Tables (and Vice Versa)
8/31/10 10:44 AM

Not ashamed to admit it at all...Matt Dillon. --Tracy

Fess Up! Who Adorned Your Teen Walls? | Apartment Therapy Chicago
7/27/10 07:31 PM

I want! Luv the little, green chairs. Great job! ~Tracy

Juliana's Family-Friendly Backyard My Great Outdoors | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
7/14/10 03:52 PM

I can't believe they took the door! Curious if they showed the house with the original door when you decided to buy it! In most states anything that is attached to the house needs to stay unless the seller says otherwise in the contract.

Back to your question, I always like high gloss black on colonial homes (I have one too). I would pay a visit to a salvage store and try to put an authentic door back in there as soon as you can.

~Tracy @

Color for this Colonial Revival Front Door? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy Boston#comments#comments
6/30/10 06:47 PM

Good for you Sylvain! If they love color go for it. I just hope they plan on living there for awhile. I especially like how the kitchen looks next to the dark blue wall. Not too crazy about the cut out in the stairway wall but maybe it needs a little more attention than just paint. ~Tracy


Color Therapy: Sylvain's Brother's Big Backdrop Reader Painting Project | Apartment Therapy New York
6/28/10 04:01 PM

Matt Dillon of course! ~Tracy

High School High Design: Whose Face Was On Your Walls? | Apartment Therapy Chicago#comments#comments#comments
6/7/10 11:51 AM