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I'm with dimwell -- why not Apple Lossless? It's true lossless, so you retain the ability to convert to any future format without any sonic degradation.

And Mordazy, iTunes in no way keeps you "bolted to one company's music store." Before Apple got rid of their DRM, I routinely purchased Amazon MP3's and they worked just fine with iTunes. I've bought from other sources as well.

How To Sell Your Hi-Fi Soul to iTunes | Apartment Therapy Unplggd
5/17/10 12:18 AM

Maybe *this* KC&CO poster gets a pass because of the Detroit symbolism, but I hope Apartment Therapy will institute a moratorium on this print after this. KC&CO is becoming The Scream of the aughts.

Small Cool 2010: Sean's Small Space, Big View Little Division # 1 | Apartment Therapy Chicago
4/7/10 12:08 AM

The iPad, easily. The Courier's split screen would be absurd for watching videos or viewing the web, and is not ideally formatted even for reading. For content creation, the early word is that the iWork suite for the iPad delivers in a big way. I don't mean to be dismissive of the Courier -- if the shipping product closely resembles the concept, it will be tremendously useful for journaling, and Microsoft seems to be using that concept in a thoughtful, expansive way. But I think the iPad ultimately will be a better choice for most uses.

Apple's iPad or Microsoft's Courier? Survey | Apartment Therapy Unplggd
3/12/10 01:57 AM

Scoot, you can watch iTunes movies on your television via an Apple TV. (You can also output HD video from an iPod via the video dock, although the Apple TV offers more TV-specific features.) The movies are in HD and encoded in 5.1 Dolby Digital sound. Kais, many of these movies now include the extras and an interactive splash screen identical to what you'd find on a Blu-Ray disc.

I strongly suspect that those saying streaming video can't compete with Blu-Ray haven't recently seen streaming video from a provider like Apple or Netflix. On my 42" LED Samsung and very high-end sound system, the Apple TV performs indistinguishably with my Blu-Ray player.

I don't mean to suggest Blu-Ray is irrelevant for all purposes. It's very possible that someone with a TV larger than mine might see a difference. But Blu-Ray is not necessarily the clear or only choice for quality-minded viewers.

Tips on Buying a Blu-ray Player | Apartment Therapy Unplggd
2/28/10 11:47 PM

We bought the TV version of this (which looks just the same) for our guest room. The picture is quite good, but the display is otherwise just average. It doesn't rotate side-to-side (which I would have thought to be a standard feature) and the acrylic base doesn't leave any room for cable management. If you imagine this with 3-4 very visible cables behind the base, that's what you'll actually end up with.

Samsung's LED Backlit Monitor and Its Sweet Acrylic Base | Apartment Therapy Unplggd
2/28/10 11:17 PM

Deasu, that's great, but what does your ingenuity have to do with this article? Isn't your comment akin to seeing a high-end light fixture on this site and saying there's no point because you bought a perfectly functional lamp at Wal-Mart?

These are really, really nice mousepads that look fantastic in a room, are customizable, and are quite comfortable to use. I have two of them and consider them money well-spent. But sure, I could construct something else that would do the same job.

The Luxury Vaja Mouse Pad | Apartment Therapy Unplggd
12/16/09 09:38 AM

Funny, we have both the Breville Smart Oven and a couple of the Miss K FLOS lamps. The oven is just fantastic -- it manages temperature accurately enough that I use it for real cooking much of the time. The Miss K lamps are very cool, but in practice I hate them. Probably my issue, though: I hate snaking my hand down a lamp cord in order to find the switch. If I used them where they were on a wall switch, I might feel differently.

9 Things Topping Our Holiday Wish List | Apartment Therapy Unplugged
11/17/09 12:06 AM

Some nice ideas, but I don't understand the author's surprise that a particular twelve-year old has better taste than many adults. Some people simply have better taste than others. While we may gain some curatorial perspective as we age, I think it's safe to say that many pre-teens have better taste than many adults. Many adults also have better taste than many pre-teens.

Apartment Therapy Unplugged | A 12-Year-Old's Sophisticated Workspace
10/9/09 03:40 PM

With respect to the First Family's choices, it's worth reading the NY Times article on this. It includes a much more balanced photo set of the choices. The choices were extremely thoughtful and I, for one, celebrate a White House art collection that isn't tied solely to the distant past.

To "DrRubyDoomsday," you seem to assume a consistency among modern artists that isn't there. The only difference between modern art and art of previous style periods is that we haven't yet had the benefit of a thorough historical filter to eliminate inferior work from the public discourse. If you think about what you know of a particular style period -- the Renaissance, for example -- you immediately think about masterworks that have been elevated to their status by decade after decade of critical evaluation. You are not likely to think of, or even be aware of, the thousands of mediocre examples from that period that simply haven't survived. With the modern era, by contrast, history hasn't definitively told us which works will transcend the rest. There are plenty of well-chosen collections, but what you see everyday mostly consists of mediocre work that will be discarded by history. There is, almost by definition, much more of that at any given point in time, than truly transcendent work.

I think that everyone should embrace the art of the present -- it is, after all, our art. But that doesn't mean the art on your office walls is equivalent to the greatest examples of art being created today.

Apartment Therapy DC | Obamas Pick Bold, Modern Artwork for The White House
10/9/09 03:32 PM

I think people don't quite realize all the Apple TV is capable of doing. I use mine to store a huge amount of lossless music that I output optically to a DAC that in turn fees a very high quality signal to my main audio system. I access those very same music files through Airport Express devices that output to other audio systems throughout my condo. (I can control the Apple TV with my iPhone's Remote application and can direct the audio to the Apple Express of my choice.) And I watch both video files that I downloaded through my computer and those I rent directly on the Apple TV. I do wish it had something similar to Slingbox capability, but I otherwise find it to be a very complete solution.

Apartment Therapy Unplugged | Apple's Slow Path Towards the Ultimate Home Media Server
9/12/09 10:34 PM

Wunami, the table is for keeping food cold.

Apartment Therapy Unplugged | Final Frame: The Fridge Desktop
8/29/09 08:08 PM

Iroh, I'm not sure what you've seen in department stores, but Luxo lamps normally are about twice what this one is going for, and they are true mid-century design icons.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Scavenger: Luxo Task Lamp for $75 San Francisco
6/3/09 12:58 AM

So does this mean that contest entries aren't screened in any way before they are posted here? That's actually a serious question.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Small Cool 2009: Kat's Natural Sunlight Little Division #10
4/7/09 02:22 AM

RJHD3, the problem is that the article stated that, "by the looks of it, they might've just released the greatest monitor of all time." That implies that this is more than just a cheap (in price and function) monitor that happens to look better than most Dell gear.

For the record, I also think it looks pretty bad ("cheesy," as another poster put it, seems pretty accurate to me), so I think its entire inclusion here was misguided. But that's just me.

Apartment Therapy Unplugged | Dell: It's About Time Someone Got the Monitor Equation Just Right
4/5/09 11:26 AM

Lew, this is great work, both in terms of saving for all of your gear and in your excellent attention to design and space management. I'm 40 years old and my home work area doesn't look that good, so you've inspired me to do something about mine!

Apartment Therapy Unplugged | Flickr Finds: Fifteen Year Old's Impressive Bedroom Office
3/7/09 12:29 PM