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I like your place! Way to work with an itsy-bitsy space. How do you make your bed without crawling on top? I just moved my bed into a corner where I can't walk around it, which means crawling on top of my bed to make it. Super annoying.

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4/4/12 11:29 PM

Love it. I just hung my track lighting this evening. Lots of random questions: Any good tips on how to position the lights for a large studio? I'm trying to use light to separate living spaces, but only have one switch, so it'll all go on together ... a much cheaper alternative than having the electrician add another switch.

Also: What did you use to make sure the track was evenly spaced on either side?

PS Thanks for the inspiration - I followed the book last summer in my new condo and love how it turned out. A bit longer than 7/8 weeks (now on six months), but this track lighting is the last bit that I wanted to do.

How To Install Track Lighting & Improve Your Kitchen
2/5/11 06:29 PM

My grandmother left quite a few antiques with family in Kansas City where she lived all her life - and my aunt has been storing a wonderful couch in her cellar for years; she was ready to ditch it last summer when I was visiting, but said she'd be happy to keep it for me until I could arrange to have it recovered and shipped to my home in Washington, DC.

My question: how have many of you dealt with shipping large heirlooms long distances? I used to work for a moving company and realize it's probably prohibitively expensive for me. That said, it seems rather pointless to move a couch across country in a U-Haul unless I take something else, too... and there wouldn't be anything else.


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3/6/09 11:43 PM